When Police are Charged with a Crime, What Lawyers in Virginia Do they Use?

No one is above the law — even police officers.  When police are charged with a crime, what lawyers in Virginia do they use?

The current news contains examples of police officers charged with crimes based on conduct while on the job, such as unlawful shootings.

However, police officers are like the rest of us.  They can have errors of judgment, out of control emotions — or be subject to misunderstandings where they are accused of crimes they didn’t commit.  When a police officer get charged with a crime, what lawyers do they use?

It has been a particular point of pride that I have been retained to defend several police officers charged with crimes in Virginia.  I defended police officers serving Fairfax, Arlington, Washington, D.C., the FBI and the Secret Service.  (Happily, all but a couple have been misunderstandings).

What sort of crimes are allegedly committed by police?  Actually, they are quite pedestrian crimes — assault, DUI, larceny, and hit & run.

I do my best for all my clients.  However, I must confess that it is a particular honor when a police officer — especially one who I have cross examined when defending one of their former arrestees — hires me to defend him.  Can there be a bigger compliment?

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