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Serious Traffic Defense

Beat laser in a Virginia Reckless Driving case — possible?

You can beat laser in a Virginia Reckless case if the charge is by a Metropolitian Airports Authority police officer.  ("Laser" is a speed detective device more accurately called "LIDAR"). I have recently represented numerous people charged with Reckless Driving by Speed on the Dulles Toll Road.  T...

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DUI Sobriety Checkpoint in Arlington

The Arlington County Police have announced a sobriety checkpoint in Arlington on March 4, 2016.  Also, called a DUI roadblock, this is a part of the U.S. Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's national crackdown on drunk driving. The way a checkpoint wo...

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Fairfax DUI Procedure

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Court Activity: What is Felony DUI in Virginia?

This week, we had a client in the Fairfax Court charged with felony DUI.  Many people ask us, "what is felony DUI in Virginia?"  "DUI" and "DWI" are the same thing in Virginia.  They are shorthand for the crime of driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Felony DUI is ...

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When Police are Charged with a Crime, What Lawyers in Virginia Do they Use?

No one is above the law -- even police officers.  When police are charged with a crime, what lawyers in Virginia do they use? The current news contains examples of police officers charged with crimes based on conduct while on the job, such as unlawful shootings. However, police officers are like t...

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Court Activity: Bond Motion Appeal; Traffic Court; Divorce

On January 6, three May Law attorneys appeared in the Fairfax Courts.  We had a bond motion appeal in the Fairfax Circuit Court, traffic cases in the Fairfax General District Court, and a divorce trial in the Fairfax Circuit Court. The bond motion was an appeal from the General District Court which...

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Court Activity: Fairfax Bond Motion and Fairfax Reckless Driving Case

An May Law attorney was in the Fairfax General District Court on January 5 on a bond motion for a young man charged with Attempted Rape, Aggravated Sexual Assault, and Animate Object Sexual Penetration.  The standard for release on bond (bail) is whether one is a risk of flight or if one is a d...

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More Traffic Cameras in Arlington!

Cameras, cameras everywhere! First, traffic cameras were used to enforce traffic light laws. Next, traffic cameras were used to enforce speeding laws. Now, cameras are being attached to Arlington school buses to help enforce laws banning the passing of a stopped school bus.  More traffic cameras in ...

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Can I be charged with DUI in Virginia when I’m just sleeping in a parked car?

Ask the Arlington and Fairfax DUI Attorneys

Question:  I was parked at a public parking lot and the cop took me out and I was charged with a second DUI.  Is there a chance to win this case?  I had a first DUI over 6 years ago.  I w...

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Driving on a Suspended License: Is Lack of Notice of a Suspension a Defense?

One cannot be convicted of Driving on a Suspended License or Driving Without a Valid license if he didn't know his license was suspended.  The controlling cases are Bibb v. Commonwealth,  212 Va. 249, 249-50 (1971) (for Driving on Suspended cases) and Read More

DUI Sleeping in Car

Question:  Can I be convicted of DUI in Virginia when I wasn't driving (and wasn't even intending to drive)?  I was sitting in my parked car, with the engine off, to listen to my radio.  I was in my own driveway, did not turn on the car at any time, and was sleeping?  I was arrested in Fairfax for D...

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