Adoption Lawyer Arlington Virginia

Adoption Lawyer Arlington Virginia

Adoption Lawyer Arlington VirginiaOne of the most joyous times for a couple involves the adoption of a child. However, the adoption process can be complex, involving a lot of legal documents, regulations, and rules that have been put in place by Virginia lawmakers. 

The entire process can be very confusing, even to an attorney who doesn’t have experience in adoption law. This is why it is so critical to retain the services of an Arlington Virginia adoption lawyer. The following is a brief overview of the adoption process. For more details, contact the legal team at May Law LLP.

What are the financial requirements to the birth mother?

If prospective parents are adopting a child not born yet, the birth mother may request the adoptive parents provide certain financial assistance as part of the termination of parental rights agreement. Some of these expenses can include medical bills, legal costs, and living expenses (rent, food, etc.). However, there are no laws that require that this be part of the process or even what services or items are required. However, as an Arlington Virginia adoption lawyer can explain, there are stringent laws in place that prohibit that payment be made for the placement of the baby or child for adoption.

What is the process for the termination of parental rights agreement?

In order for the party or parties who are adopting the child to gain custody, the birth mother is required to sign a termination of parental rights document. This legal document terminates her rights to custody, visitation, and financial support for the child. It also terminates her responsibility for any misconduct on the part of the child or the child’s right to any inheritance from the birth mother or her family. 

If the whereabouts of the birth father is unknown or if the birth father has not agreed to terminate his parental rights, then an adoption lawyer in Arlington Virginia must file a petition with the courts to terminate the birth father’s parental rights. Each state has its own laws regarding how long a birth mother or father has to change their mind after signing a termination of parental rights document. Your family lawyer Arlington VA provides can provide the details for your situation.

Contact an Arlington Virginia Adoption Lawyer for Help

Whether you are planning on adopting a child or you are planning on giving your child up for adoption, you should retain the help of a seasoned adoption lawyer Arlington Virginia families trust. Contact May Law LLP to speak with a member of our legal team to ensure that the adoption process goes smoothly for you and your child.

Our firm can also help with stepparent and LGBT family adoptions. Our firm takes pride in our part in helping to bring families together. Call our office today.

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