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If you’ve experienced discrimination in the workplace, contacting an employment lawyer in Fairfax, Virginia can make the difference between struggling with a hostile work environment, and ensuring your work environment is a healthy and happy place to grow and learn. You may have heard about discrimination in the workplace – and if you’re really unfortunate, you may have heard of it (or experienced it yourself) at your own workplace. But you should never let workplace discrimination defeat you: You have a way to fight back, and a way to make sure it never happens to anyone else.


Contacting an employment lawyer can be an overwhelming decision, but you should never feel worried about reaching out to correct any wrongs you’ve experienced at work. You don’t have to face this battle alone, and fortunately a qualified attorney can walk you through any discrimination-related cases you may bring to their office. But before you contact an employment lawyer in Fairfax, VA, it pays to learn all you can about discrimination, and how it can affect you and your colleagues.


About Discrimination in the Workplace


There are many different ways by which an employer can discriminate against employees – and it’s important to remember that discrimination can come from all directions. Discrimination isn’t just the fault of higher-ups: Your coworkers and even your own team of employees can discriminate against you. This discrimination can make life a living hell at work. You shouldn’t be constantly belittled, picked on, or bullied because of something you can’t change – something that’s part of your identity. You shouldn’t be made to feel inferior about anything you’re born with, born as, or grew into, but that’s the sad reality of discrimination suits.


Some examples of grounds for discrimination complaints:


  • Age: You may be older than your colleagues, or you may be younger than everyone else in the office. In either case, your age shouldn’t bar you from reaching any higher positions in the workplace, and you should never be passed over for any opportunities for growth just because of your age.

  • Race: Everyone should be entitled to the same opportunities. Being ignored or sidelined because your employer wanted to hire or promote someone of a different race can be grounds for a discrimination suit.

  • Gender: Employers are required by law to pay the same wages to employees regardless of gender. It is illegal for an employer to pay you less money than a colleague solely because of your gender, but unfortunately, it’s one of the most common types of workplace discrimination.


There are many other examples of discrimination in the workplace, and they cover a whole range of classifications and considerations. Discrimination can happen to just about anyone, and it’s a severe blow to your personal and professional life if you know you have to clock in to a toxic workplace every day. Nobody should ever have to deal with a discriminatory and hostile work environment, and May Law, LLP is here to help.


At May Law, LLP, we know that discrimination has no place in the workplace. We care deeply for every client that contacts us about potential discrimination, because we understand that a toxic work environment can have a serious impact on the quality of your life and the life of those you love. Reach out to a Fairfax, VA employment lawyer who cares, and contact May Law, LLP, today.

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