How Can A DUI Lawyer Help In My DUI Case

DUI Lawyer Fairfax VA

DUI Lawyer Fairfax VA Those who are wondering how can a DUI lawyer help my case? — can rest assured that our team at May Law, LLP can support you through this. In the aftermath of an arrest, it can feel like the walls are closing in on you. There may be a heavy burden of guilt for making a poor choice. There may also be the shame and embarrassment when you tell family, friends, and even coworkers that you were arrested. With a knowledgeable lawyer from our team to help you, there is a chance you may avoid a conviction, avoid jail time, and get your license back right away so that you can get to and from work. We understand there are a lot of choices when it comes to legal representation and it can be difficult deciding on who will hold your fate in their hands. You can feel confident in turning to the legal team at May Law, LLP. We have more than 20 years of experience in criminal defense. Our team approaches cases with empathy for the defendant and enough experience that we will not rest until we have established the best possible defense strategy for your unique situation. What To Do First: Hiring a lawyer immediately is imperative if you are plagued with the question of how can a DUI lawyer help my case? Guidance from an experienced legal professional may make the difference between jail time or a case dismissal. Many additional penalties are often assessed upon a conviction, and they can cause a lifetime of repercussions. Virginia’s motor vehicle laws are strict, and those convicted of DWI violations are dealt with accordingly. A lawyer from May Law, LLP has represented thousands of residents across this state who were charged with a range of crimes. We have the experience and resources that are necessary to successfully defend you against a DUI charge. Call us today to learn more. Immediate and Long-Term Impact of a DUI Charge: You will likely spend several hours in jail until you can acquire bail. If you are arrested at night, you may have to wait until the next day. Immediately, as a result of a DUI arrest, you will lose your license but can file for a temporary license. You will be required to show up for your initial court appearance within a few days of the arrest. You will likely lose your license. For some first-time offenders, the license can be revoked for up to two years. This could impact your ability to get to and from your job. You will be forced to rely on others or public transportation to not only work but to engage in your other daily activities. A DUI conviction will be on your record and will show up in a background check. This may affect future jobs, loan requests, scholarship opportunities, and applications for residential rental properties. Auto insurance rates will likely increase. In addition, your personal and professional relationships may suffer as a result of a DUI conviction. Our Approach to a Solid Defense: To answer your question about how can a DUI lawyer help my case? — firstly, we can prepare you for and attend your initial court appearance with you. May Law, LLP will immediately work on getting your license reinstated. We will work diligently to investigate the reason you were pulled over, how the police officer conducted him or herself during the interaction with you.  We will look into how the sobriety tests were administered and interpreted. Your lawyer can look into probable cause for the arrest and whether your Miranda rights were honored. In addition, May Law, LLP understands prosecution tactics and can get you ready for the next several steps while preparing a defense that honors your integrity and just might reduce the charges or get the case thrown out. How a DUI Lawyer Can Protect Your Future: Defending yourself against a DUI charge without the legal guidance of a lawyer may save you in lawyer’s fees, but without years of experience dealing with the criminal justice system, you will likely receive a hefty fine. Depending on the details of your case and whether this is your first DUI charge, your fines could surpass $10,000. In addition, you could permanently lose your driving privileges. This will force you to rely on family, friends, or public transportation to get to and from work and for social activities. A DUI conviction can make it impossible to get a good job, especially if the job involves operating machinery or vehicles. As well, a DUI conviction can be cause for your loans to get rejected and keep you out of a good university. The list goes on and on. When you hire a seasoned lawyer you are investing in your future. Call us at May Law, LLP to learn more about the answer to the question:how can a DUI lawyer help my case? We may be able to make a significant difference! We offer members of the Virginia community a free consultation with our team to discuss the criminal charges against them. Quite possibly, a lawyer may be able to achieve the following should we take your case:
  • Reduce or eliminate the jail time you receive if convicted.
  • Prevent you from losing your driving privileges.
  • Reduce the charge against you so that your criminal record will not include a DUI conviction, which would otherwise be permanently on your record.
  • Avoid a criminal trial by negotiating with the prosecutor in a successful plea bargain.
  When You Need a Great DUI Lawyer: Depending on the nature of your DUI charge and the circumstances surrounding it, it may or may not be possible for a lawyer to get the charges against you dropped. Sometimes a plea bargain is a defendant’s best option, but it takes a strategic lawyer to negotiate an ideal arrangement. Our team has the negotiating experience to accomplish this and much more. There are several deadlines that must be met immediately after getting charged with a DUI so to keep from losing your driving privileges, so do not delay in contacting us. Your quality of life is too important to be ruined by a DUI conviction. There is no doubt, the stakes are high. In choosing a lawyer from May Law, LLP you can find out the answer to how can a DUI lawyer help my case? — including how we plan to beat the charge and hopefully prevent a conviction.   
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