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Child Custody Lawyer Arlington VA

Child Custody Lawyer Arlington VA

Child Custody Lawyer Arlington VA

Changing the rules within your child custody agreement can be done with the help of a child custody modification lawyer Arlington, VA residents rely on from May Law, LLP. When child custody arrangements are formally determined with the help of a child custody lawyer Arlington, VA trusts, they must be approved by a court as reflecting the best interests of any child in question. So, what happens when the best interests of a child change over time? The law recognizes that as children evolve, their interests evolve as well. When a child’s needs or a family’s situation becomes significantly altered, it may be possible to modify existing child custody orders either by mutual consent of a child’s parents or by formal request of one of those parents. When both parents agree on the terms of a modification, it may be formalized with minimal legal intervention.

If you are interested in modifying your child’s custody arrangements, please consider connecting with an Arlington, Virginia child custody modification lawyer. We are passionate about helping our clients advocate on behalf of their children’s best interests while ensuring that the process of advocacy progresses as smoothly as is possible under the circumstances. Depending on your family’s situation, we may be able to modify your arrangements out of court or with minimal court-related contact. Once we learn about your circumstances, we will be able to advise you more specifically.

Modification Options

If your co-parent will not agree to a modification, you may have to go to court with the representation of an Arlington child custody modification lawyer. But if your co-parent is willing to consent or compromise, the modification process may take place entirely or partially out of court. It is possible to amend your child custody arrangements informally and between yourselves, but such informal modifications may not be legally enforceable. As a result, it is generally a good idea to seek legal guidance before drafting a modification.

If the modification is fairly straightforward and has been agreed upon by both parties, your co-parent’s attorney and our firm can work together to formalize it and submit it for judicial recognition, when appropriate. If the modification process is likely to be more complex, you, your co-parent, and your attorneys may benefit from mediation or from an attorney-led negotiation process. Either option does not require judicial intervention unless the parties come to an impasse. It is worth noting that every state treats the modification process a little differently. As a result, it is important to be flexible whenever possible.

Child Custody Assistance Is Available with a Child Custody Modification Lawyer Arlington, VA relies on!

If you are interested in modifying your child’s current custody orders, please consider scheduling a consultation with May Law, LLP. Discussing your questions, educating us on the particulars of your family’s situation and hearing about our approach to representation do not obligate you to pursue a modification. What the consultation process does is allows our firm to better understand your child’s circumstances so that we can advise you of your legal options. If you do decide to mediate a modification, enlist us to pursue an attorney-led negotiation of your situation or file a formal modification request with the court, we will be able to provide you with legal guidance and support. Reach out to a child custody modification lawyer in Arlington, VA today from May Law, LLP!

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