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Child Custody Lawyer Arlington VA

Child Custody Lawyer Arlington VA

Legal versus physical custody?  Sole versus joint custody? Custody versus visitation?  Who pays child support?  These questions are just the beginning when your child’s well-being is at stake and a good Child Custody Lawyer Arlington VA can help you to address them.  When you are part of a family disagreement over where a child should live and who may make the right decisions for that child, you need answers to these tough questions and many more.  Before you miss an opportunity to help guide your child’s future, consult with a May Law, LLP Child Custody Lawyer Arlington VA today.

Custody and Visitation and Child Support

Family Law can be complicated, but it becomes even more challenging when children are involved – so a Child Custody Lawyer Arlington VA is critical in considering your child custody matter from all angles.

When parents have children and the courts have not yet become involved, those parents have Joint Custody of their shared children.  Since no court has been involved, no one questions that either parent may take care of or make decisions for that child.  Each parent is responsible for the care and upbringing of the child and they have to work together to that end.

However, when a couple can no longer get along (for example, during a separation, divorce, or break up) child custody, visitation and child support become major issues.  Where will the child reside?  With whom will the child reside?  Who will pay for the child’s expenses and medical care?

A Child Custody Lawyer Arlington VA will have a game plan to address all issues related to custody, visitation and support.  A court order related to minors in custody disputes will dictate where the children need to be, and Virginia Law puts the best interests of the child at the forefront.  An experienced Child Custody Lawyer Arlington VA has handled these kinds of cases and can help.  Ultimately, what happens in court will have a lasting impact on your child’s future, so a quality Child Custody Lawyer Arlington VA is essential.

There are two basic types of custody in Virginia.  Legal Custody describes who has a say in the major life decision for the child, while Physical Custody refers to who physically has the children at a given point in time.  Either type of custody may be split equally or unequally in some kind of joint or sole custody arrangement.  If you are given a schedule of weekday or weekend time with the child, then you have Visitation.

A final custody order addressing legal and physical custody and visitation can be worked out through a contested court hearing with witnesses and evidence, or it can be worked out through skillful negotiation and compromise.  A good Child Custody Lawyer Arlington VA is comfortable in either situation.  If the only option is to put on a case, a Child Custody Lawyer Arlington VA will demonstrate to the Judge why custody with his client is in the best interests of the child.  If, on the other hand, the mother and father can work together to settle the case, a Child Custody Lawyer Arlington VA will negotiate the best possible terms for his client so that the client stays out of court and is able to move forward in the child’s best interest.

When it comes to child support, Virginia law says that both parents have a duty for the maintenance of their children.  So even if you don’t have custody or visitation, you are likely going to be obligated to pay sums to support the child.  In addition, if you are the parent who has custody, you may need financial assistance from the other parent to pay for the needs of that child.  And that parent may not want to pay, especially if he or she believes that the custody/visitation situation is unjust.  In either case, a Child Custody Lawyer Arlington VA who understands the interplay between custody and child support issues will help you to address these matters.

Contact May Law, LLP, Child Custody Lawyer Arlington VA, to Answer Your Child Custody Law Questions.

At May Law, LLP, we’ve helped clients in Arlington VA and throughout Virginia for over 20 years.  We are experienced with challenges faced in family law, and more specifically in child custody, visitation, child abuse, child support, and all manner of issues that come before a Child Custody Lawyer Arlington VA.  If you need a Child Custody Lawyer Arlington VA, please contact May Law, LLP today.

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