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Child abuse is something that society takes seriously, and that means allegations of child abuse can ruin a person’s reputation, destroy their home life and their professional life. Because there is so much at stake, if you are charged with child abuse, reach out to a child abuse lawyer in Virginia to see if they can handle your case.


A child abuse lawyer will have the experience you rely on to help you look through any evidence and use the facts of the case to craft a strong defense. This lawyer can also mitigate penalties, which in Virginia child abuse is a felony charge, so you want a lawyer that may be able to get you a lesser sentence if you’re found guilty.


What’s Child Abuse?

 Child abuse is defined when a guardian of a child under the age of 18 does not take care of the child’s needs, or permits harm to the child. This can be allowing a child’s health to decline and doing nothing to counteract it, physically harming the child, or otherwise injuring them. 


Child Abuse Charges in Virginia

 There are many acts that are considered being child abuse. But there are also many ways that actions may be misunderstood, or reported and proven wrong. Still, it’s important to talk about the different charges of child abuse in Virginia, because you may find yourself facing charges someday.


You may be charged with child abuse if the law believes:


  • · You are the person, guardian or another person that is responsible for the child’s care and safety who refuses to act with care that the child needs, either intentionally or unintentionally.
  • · The child is neglected, and you’ve caused or allowed the following to happen to the child.

o   Broken bones.

o   Fractured bones.

o   Severe burns.

o   Deep cuts.

o   Mutilation (which is an injury where the child is being deprived of a body part).

o   Disfigurement.

o   Forced ingestion of dangerous substances (chemicals, alcohol, etc..

o   Forced ingestion of objects that should not be eaten.

o   Life-threatening internal injuries.

o   Maiming (this injury causes permanent damage).


The above list is not a full list of things that are considered child abuse if circumstances align. However, having a list may help you and your child abuse lawyer in Virginia put together a good defense. Child abuse is a Class 4 felony in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and that means that there’s going to be some heavy sentences laid down for anyone convicted of abuse against a child.


A good child abuse lawyer, such as the ones available to help you from May Law LLP, can help you prove your innocence and forego the possible prison sentence of 2 to 10 years in prison with a potential fine of $100,000. You deserve a lawyer that’ll fight for you, whether that’s proving you did not deserve a child abuse charge, or lessening the charges.


Reach out to May Law LLP about acquiring a child abuse lawyer in Virginia from their law firm today. Let them help prove your innocence. 


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