Child Custody Lawyer Fairfax VA

Child Custody Lawyer Fairfax VA

Child Custody Lawyer Fairfax VAMost adults can weather the dissolution of a relationship or even a marriage. They can even adjust and deal with financial repercussions of hiring a divorce lawyer or paying spousal support. But when a child or children risk becoming a bargaining chip in the equation, you cannot rely upon just any child custody lawyer Fairfax VA trusts. Rely on the compassionate and tested legal expertise of a May Law child custody lawyer in Fairfax VA to explain your child custody challenges.

When child custody matters come before a Juvenile and Domestic Relations or Circuit Court judge in Virginia, “the best interests of the child” are first to be addressed. A seasoned child custody lawyer from Fairfax VA knows that whatever arguments a parent or caretaker may lay out, a judge will have a list of factors programmed into his or her assessment of where the child should live and what type of visitation is granted, if any. Our child custody lawyer Fairfax VA at May Law describe these factors in the following questions:

• How old is the child, and what specifics are known about his physical and mental development?
• What are the ages and situations of the parents?
• What kind of relationship does the child have to each parent? Who can meet her needs best?
• What does each parent or caregiver provide to the child now, and in the future?
• How does each parent interact with the other, and does he or she promote a healthy relationship between the child and the other parent?
• Does the parent show he or she wants to have a good relationship with the child?
• Does the child (if the child is older) express a reasonable preference for being with one parent or the other?
• Has there been any form of family or sexual abuse?
• Is there anything else the court should know when considering the child’s upbringing?

A child custody lawyer in Fairfax VA knows how to present your case and emphasize the various factors that are most supportive of your arguments for custody. Based on these questions, a judge will try to determine what situation best suits the needs of that particular child. And based on the answers, you and the other parent or interested parties in the child’s development may be awarded sole or joint physical custody (where the child lives, all the time or part-time), visitation (scheduled time with the child if he or she is not living in your home), and some level of legal custody (the ability to make decisions for your child, such as what school, church, or medical provider the child goes to.) Because there is so much at stake, it is important to have a competent child custody lawyer Fairfax VA on your side.
It is impossible to predict how a judge will rule on custody issues, but an experienced child custody lawyer in Fairfax VA will have seen enough cases and courts to give you the information you need in pursuing whatever level of custody you hope to achieve. Our child custody lawyer Fairfax VA trusts at May Law can debunk some commonly-held misconceptions for you and make the best educated guess as to how your child custody matters will resolve. Get in touch with us sooner rather than later for a low-priced initial consultation to answer all your child custody questions.

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“Both Mike and Amelia were very understanding and supportive during my Family Law situation. They are superior in Family Law knowledge and worked their absolute best to make sure I was kept informed at every step in the process and that I understood my legal rights. Never ever did I feel like I was alone in my difficult situation because they both are caring and compassionate in their work and to the people they represent. “
George Lockwood
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