Child Support Lawyer Virginia

Child Support Lawyer Virginia

If you want to get child support from your ex, it’s important to speak to a child support lawyer in Virginia promptly. A lawyer can assist you with the process and answer your questions. Here are some common misconceptions about child support.


Men are always the ones who pay child support

Many years ago, men were the main breadwinners in marriages. Therefore, they were generally the ones ordered to pay child support after getting divorced. However, that isn’t the case today. More and more women are in the workforce these days. If the woman earned a higher salary during the marriage, she would likely be ordered to pay child support.


Child support can’t be modified

Some people assume that once a child support order has been issued by a judge, it can’t ever be changed. This isn’t true. If there is a substantial change in circumstances, the judge may be able to modify the order. For example, if your ex pays child support and has recently lost a job, the judge may modify the order to reflect the change in income. 


Parents who don’t pay child support may be denied visitation

A parent who fails to pay child support may face serious consequences. However, denied visitation isn’t one of them. While it’s frustrating to deal with an ex who won’t pay child support, you can deny him or her from seeing your kids.


Child support end when the child turns 18

This is another common misconception that a child support lawyer in Virginia hears. The truth is that child support doesn’t always automatically end once a child reaches the age of majority. If the child, for example, has a disability, he or she still may receive child support past the age of 18.


Parents who don’t see their children don’t have to pay child support

Some parents believe if they don’t spend time with their children, they aren’t obligated to pay child support. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Even if a parent doesn’t see his or her kids, that person is still responsible for financially supporting them.


Child support is tax deductible

This is yet another common myth about child support. Parents who pay child support are not permitted to deduct it from their taxes.

If you have additional questions about child support, schedule a consultation with a child support lawyer in Virginia today.

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