Drop Protective Order Lawyer Fairfax, VA

Drop Protective Order Lawyer in Fairfax, VirginiaDrop Protective Order Lawyer Fairfax, VA

May Law LLP deals with a lot of criminal charges, whether it is a misdemeanor or a felony. A criminal conviction can affect your life in lasting ways, and can even affect your family members, so we take these matters very seriously. 


May Law LLP has been serving clients since 1995, in Fairfax, Virginia and practice across Northern Virginia. From dealing with civil litigation, contract law, criminal law, employment law, business law, alcohol beverage control law to family law, there is a lawyer at May Law LLP that can serve as your drop a protective order lawyer in Fairfax, VA.


When attempting to get a claimant to drop a protective order in Fairfax, VA you should ensure that you are aware of your rights. These rights are:


  • To receive a notification of the protective order (except in cases where emergency and preliminary court orders are issued).
  • To receive a notice of the court hearing, regardless of the type of order issued and the charges in the order.
  • The opportunity to be heard and to defend yourself with a lawyer against those charges.

Because protective orders are part of public record, they can damage your image and may cause you trouble when searching for an apartment to rent, buying a home, or even getting a job. Even if there is truth in the order, you have the right to defend yourself, and should court be something you want to avoid, you can try to get the claimant to drop the protective order.


When going before the court, you should always take your protective order seriously, even if you have proof that the order was filed under false circumstances. These orders are taken seriously regardless of how true they are, and they are considered true until proven to be otherwise, so keep that in mind. 


Make sure that you are prepared to go to court, and that you are prepared to defend yourself against any accusations that come your way–and go in expecting accusations, after all, you should have received a detailed notice that tells you the charges against you in the order. 


The hearing is going to be your chance and your lawyer’s chance to prove inconsistencies or exaggerations in the other party’s story. Once you are certain you are on the other end of a protective order, start to gather evidence that will aid you and bring that evidence with you to the hearing. You want everything in your corner that you can possibly have.


Do not discard evidence, even if it looks like a bad mark against you. It appears suspicious and can further skew the court against you and in the other party’s favor. It is best to present all evidence and have explanations for anything that may tarnish you. 


May Law LLP understands just how damaging a protective order can be, and we’re here to help you. Contact us today to work alongside one of our lawyers that specializes in dropping protective orders in Fairfax, VA.

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