Employment Lawyer In Fairfax VA

Employment Lawyer In Fairfax, VA

Employment Lawyer Fairfax, VA

You have rights as an employee in Virginia, but that does not always mean your employer will go about things the right way. If you feel that you were fired or laid off for a reason you find confusing or unfair, you need to contact an employment lawyer Fairfax, VA from May Law, LLP. We will look into the details surrounding your case and give advice on where to go from there. 

Contractors at Work

One common issue in employment law is how employers treat their employees. This can get complicated with contractors. The rules with contractors are different than they are with employees. Employers don’t have as many restrictions regarding contractors and are typically not obligated to keep them around for a long period of time. Sometimes, though, employees use people as contractors when they should be given the same rights as employees at the company. This is an instance in which it would be important to speak with an experienced employment lawyer in Virginia. 

Some benefits of being an employee instead of a contractor include getting social security paid for, overtime pay, and often includes options for healthcare and other expenses. It also offers more job security and sometimes even opportunities for growth, which can be very important in bettering your life. These are a few of many reasons it is important to look out for your rights while doing contract work for a company. 

Discrimination in the Workplace 

Employment lawyers in Fairfax from May Law, LLP want to be able to help you fight against any kind of discrimination in the workplace. Whether you are an employer who is being accused of discrimination in the workplace or an employee who believes you are the victim of being discriminated against, you need to have an experienced lawyer on your side to fight your case. The details may seem simple to you, but we are trained in this field and know what kind of compensation you should seek to gain, as well as a good defense or prosecution strategy that has historically been successful. You deserve to be treated fairly and compensated for any wrongful acts that were made against you. We will do our best to get justice for your case. 

Contact May Law, LLP Today

Reach out to us today to begin forming your case. We will go over all of the details surrounding your situation and choose the necessary steps moving forward based around what we believe you are entitled to. It is important to seek legal representation from an employment lawyer in Fairfax, VA so that you can protect your rights in the workplace. Call today or set up a consultation online. You have every right to be treated the same as your colleagues, and to be protected and compensated for your hard work. We will work hard with you and for you, so that you will recover any damages that you deserve based on your case. 

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