Family Dispute Mediation Lawyer Arlington VA

Family Dispute Mediation Lawyer in Arlington, VA

Family Dispute Mediation Lawyer Arlington VA

If you are looking for support regarding a family matter, then you can rest assured that you are in good hands with a Family Dispute Mediation Lawyer Arlington VA families trust from May Law, LLP. Mediation is a common way for spouses and couples to find a solution for family law disputes, without being drained emotionally and energetically. Avoiding the courtroom can have many benefits, saving you time and money.

Our lawyers are mediators, which means we do not take sides. Instead, we work with both parties to facilitate negotiation. We can inform you about court practices, rulings, and help you decide the most fair means of settling, whether that be for a divorce, child custody dispute, alimony, etc. 


A Safe Space For Conversation


The concept of mediation was to offer a safe and comfortable environment for both parties to read over the facts of their cases and hopefully come to a resolution on their own. This is often preferred over disputing in court, which can come along with pressure and anxiety. Mediation is also more affordable than the costs associated with a court proceeding. We know that family law issues can be emotional, so it is our goal to keep everyone calm so they can reach an agreement together based on reason.

As your lawyer mediators, we can be used to settle all aspects of divorce, from spousal support to child custody, visitation to property division, and so much more. To learn whether mediation is right for you, call a family lawyer Arlington VA families trust from May Law, LLP today.

How Mediation Differs From Litigation


Mediation is a much different experience compared to litigation. If your divorce is settled in court, you may have a single or several trial hearings. Then, your case will be ruled on by a judge, which means you have zero control over the outcome. The judge may be influenced by your side, but there are no guarantees that you will like the verdict. Additionally, going to court can be costly and immensely stressful for children to participate in. Mediation forms a more healthy comparison, instead of the adversarial feeling of a courtroom.

Mediation sessions that are successful tend to be less expensive for all parties and ultimately leads to a resolution that satisfies each side to some degree. Mediation has proven to be a more emotionally stable process for everyone, especially when there is an unbiased and trained mediator present to facilitate difficult conversations. 


Call May Law, LLP Now


Issues that can find resolution through mediation include division of property debts and assets, pension and retirement division, child support, spousal support, child custody, parenting plans, and more. Don’t hesitate to call May Law, LLP now to hear about how a VA Family Dispute Mediation Lawyer in Arlington can attend to your family dispute needs. 

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