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  • CBS “World News Tonight” (October 4, 2007) — Virginia’s new ‘civil remedial fees.’


  •  CNN “Lou Dobbs Tonight” (July 30, 2007) — legislative changes in reaction to the Virginia DUI case of an illegal alien in Virginia Beach who fatally rear-ended two teen-age girls.


  • CNN “CNN Newsdesk” (July 18, 2007) — explains some changes affecting Virginia’s criminal traffic laws.


  • MSNBC “Abrams Report” (October 5, 2005) — the multi-jurisdictional aspects of the Taylor Behl missing person/murder case in Richmond.


  • CNN — “Lou Dobbs” (March 28, 2005) — Virginia’s new law banning illegal immigrants from access to most tax-funded services.


  • FOX News — “FOX News Live” (March 28, 2005) — discusses the effect of prior bad act evidence in the Michael Jackson sexual molestation trial.


  • FOX News — “FOX News Live” (October 23, 2004) —  discusses the Washington-area sniper trial with Greta Van Susteren.


 Radio Appearances

  • O’Reilly Radio — (2004) — discusses the Washington-area sniper trial with Bill O’Reilly.


 Newspaper Quotes


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