Kidnapping Lawyer Virginia

Kidnapping Lawyer Virginia

As a kidnapping lawyer in Virginia understands, if you have been charged with kidnapping, you could be facing serious penalties if the conviction is successful. You may be wondering what kinds of defenses there are when you are facing these charges and if there is any possibility of getting your charges reduced or dropped altogether. When you are looking for options and would like to work with an attorney you can trust, please reach out to the team at May Law, LLP. We are here to help examine the details of your case and see what we can do for you. 

Are there different types of kidnapping? 

There are two main types of kidnapping in Virginia. 


  • Strangers or non-family who take children. In this scenario, it is usually a non-family member who kidnaps or abducts a child in order to extort money from the parents or for other immoral reasons. If convicted of this crime, a Virginia kidnapping lawyer knows that you may be facing a felony, huge fines, and potentially 20 years to life in prison. 
  • Parents who take their own children. In this scenario, a parent may kidnap or abduct their own child, especially in instances where they are fighting with the children’s other parent about child custody or child support. When this is the case, you may be facing a misdemeanor and jail time. However, if a parent takes their child and leaves the state, they could be facing longer jail time, higher fines, and felony charges. 


Is there any hope for defending myself? 

Absolutely. When you are facing kidnapping charges, you should not try to defend yourself without the help of an attorney or simply plead guilty. It is always worth speaking with a lawyer and going to court. There are certain defenses that an attorney may bring up depending on the circumstances surrounding the alleged kidnapping. For example, if you had the child’s (or other parent’s) consent when you took them, it could be argued that you did not abduct the child. You can also argue that you are not the person who took the child and it will be up to the prosecution to present evidence showing that you committed the crime beyond a reasonable doubt. 


Who can help me with my kidnapping charges? 

As soon as you are accused of kidnapping, you should reach out to your trusted attorney from May Law, LLP. Our kidnapping lawyer in Virginia is ready to speak with you. 

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