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Are you and your spouse happily married? Or, are you on the fence about whether you and your spouse will make it to the end of “‘till death do us part?” Whether you are happily or unhappily married in Virginia, you and your marriage can benefit from a postnuptial agreement if you do not have a prenuptial agreement already. Marriages are hard work, and it is no one’s business to judge what goes on in your marriage nor how you choose to go about it. But you should consider consulting the most experienced postnuptial agreement lawyer Virginia has to offer–the attorneys of May Law, LLP.


What Is A Postnuptial Agreement?

Essentially, a postnuptial agreement (also known as a “marital contract”) is the same as a prenuptial agreement. Both are legally binding. Both are contacts that dictate how assets should be divided should you and your spouse separate. The only difference is that a postnuptial agreement happens after you two are already husband and wife, so anything that you two, and your attorney, include in it will become effective immediately. 


Why Get A Postnuptial Agreement?

You may want a postnuptial agreement if your financial circumstances have changed significantly since you had gotten married. For example, let’s say that, when you married initially, you were in debt and trying to start up a business. Then, some eight years into your marriage, your business has taken off and you’re raking in more money than you know what to do with. But perhaps this new influx of money is creating havoc between you and your spouse; maybe you worry that a divorce may entitle your spouse to what you’ve worked so strenuously for; or maybe you fear that a court may give your spouse more support than what you think is fair. 


Maybe you and your spouse started a business together. But what if you two never clarified anything on paper because you thought, “we’re married. We’re partners. We don’t need to write anything down.” But your feelings are allowed to change, especially as your business acumen grows. Anything can occur in your relationship that makes you rethink your assets and how best to protect them. A postnuptial agreement does just that.


Even happily married couples agree to postnups. This marital contract can be yet another example of the trust and sincere love between you two. It can show that you are comfortable seeing your spouse get what she or he worked tirelessly for and that you are with your spouse for reasons other than profit and money. Also, these agreements give you a peace of mind because you won’t have to worry about your future and whether a separation will leave you destitute. 


Now that you understand what postnuptial agreements are and how they can benefit you and your relationship, you’ll want a family law firm that has years of experience to help you. At May Law, LLP we have some of the most qualified postnuptial agreement lawyers in Virginia, and we’re only a phone call away. You should take advantage of our free consultation offer, and give us a call. 

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