Restraining Order Lawyer Arlington, VA

Restraining Order Lawyers in Arlington, VirginiaRestraining Order Lawyer Arlington, VA

May Law LLP deals with a lot of criminal charges, whether it is a misdemeanor or a felony. A criminal conviction can affect your life in lasting ways, and can even affect your family members, so we take these matters very seriously. 


May Law LLP has been serving clients since 1995, in Fairfax, Virginia and practice across Northern Virginia. From dealing with civil litigation, contract law, criminal law, employment law, business law, alcohol beverage control law to family law, there is a lawyer at May Law LLP that can serve as your restraining order lawyer in Arlington, VA.


Restraining orders can affect your family, your background checks and much more and May Law LLP knows this. So that’s why we’re going to give you advice for when you are working with a lawyer from our firm dealing with your restraining order. 


Any good restraining order lawyer in Arlington, VA is going to tell you that you have the right to appear in court and defend yourself, the right to be notified of the restraining order (save for certain circumstances such as an emergency order), and the right to be notified of the court hearing. 


When gathering evidence, your restraining order lawyer in Arlington, VA is going to want you to collect clothing, photographs, videos, or anything else that pertains to the specifics of your charges that are against you in the order. Do not destroy or dispose of any evidence because that looks suspicious–and remember, anything that’s online, on your cell phone or other devices, can be accessed through the cloud, the internet company and phone company, or the other party may also have access to it. So do not get rid of any digital information, it’ll really make you look bad.


Collect all emails, relevant documents, records, letters, phone records, and GPS records that may pertain to your defense, and help you present your case in the court hearing. You want to prove that you are innocent, and physical evidence is often preferred over verbal statements. But this shouldn’t discourage you from reaching out to witnesses and friends that may help to prove the charges against you are not true. Witness testimony can show the court what really happened and what kind of person you are.


 You want to avoid character criticisms, and because each side of this order is going to be different than the other, you don’t want to fall into a “they-said-I-say” type argument in the courtroom. Judges won’t want to hear name calling or arguments at court, they’re going to want to hear truthful statements not attacks on the other party (any good restraining order lawyer in Arlington, VA is going to explain that will also make you look poorly and the cards are already stacked against you.)


Talk over your defense with your May Law LLP restraining order lawyer in Arlington, VA so that both you and your lawyer know what to expect while at the court hearing. Remember, your lawyer is trying to help you. 

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