Sex Crimes Lawyer Virginia

Sex Crimes Lawyer Virginia

Sex Crimes Lawyer Virginia
Being accused of a sex crime is incredibly serious. Every aspect of your life will be affected if you are convicted of a sex crime. Contact a sex crimes lawyer in Virginia from May Law, LLP right away if someone accuses you of this. We will do our very best to fight for you so that you do not end up being on a sex offender registry and lose your basic rights. 


Give Us Your Alibi

If you have an alibi from when you were accused of committing the crime, that is the very best defence. If your alibi includes being around others or offers some sort of proof that you were not near the prosecution, we can more easily prove that you were not the offending party. Some of this could be in the form of witness testimony, video surveillance, or even proof that you were working during the time the prosecution claims the incident happened. 


How Would a “Guilty” Verdict Affect Your Life?

If you are found guilty of a sex crime, your entire life will change. First, you will be put onto a sex offender registry, which anyone can look at. It will list where you live, your name, and likely have a photo of you for anyone to see. Next, your work may be affected. Many jobs require a clean criminal record, particularly when it comes to sex crimes. There are no exceptions to this, which is why you need to hire a lawyer before you are convicted to try to fight against these charges. Third, a sex offender is not allowed to be in a certain range of children’s schools and other locations. You may even need to move from the place you live in some situations. This criminal charge will change your entire life, so you need to fight this before it becomes a part of your life. 


What Will a Sex Crimes Lawyer Do to Help? 

By hiring a sex crimes lawyer in VA from May Law, LLP you are doing your absolute best to fight this charge. We will help you form a strong alibi, speak to you about what happened, and determine whether or not the charge is even justified. Next, we will look at all of the documents that have been filed for the case and try to determine any discrepancies in the prosecution’s perception of what happened versus your own story. If you were, in fact, guilty of something, we will still look for a loophole or at least try to lessen your sentence. The most important thing is keeping you off of a permanent sex offender registry. It does cost money to hire a lawyer, but it can cost far more if you are found guilty of a sex crime, so it is crucial that you retain representation. 


Contact May Law, LLP Today

Reach out to our law firm today to get representation for your case. It is important to have a lawyer on your side throughout this entire process so that we can speak on your behalf and will not allow you to say anything incriminating. Contact us today to set up a consultation and we can explain just how we plan to help you. 

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