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Can a company be sued for encouraging another business to fire its employee?

Yes, a company can be held liable for encouraging another business to fire an employee unless it has a legitimate reason for doing so.  If the employee is an “at will” employee, as most employees are, then the employee must show that the company intentionally interfered with his or her employment us...

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Does a non-compete restrict an employee from competing after his contract expires?

No, not unless it specifically says so, according to a recent decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit.  In that case, the Fourth Circuit ruled that Virginia non-compete law generally presumes that expiration differs from termination, and thus a post-termination restriction like ...

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Preliminary Injunction Denied: Non-Competition Agreement is Overly Broad

Over the past few years, the Virginia Supreme Court has evaluated the language contained in restrictive covenants, and clarified the types of non-compete clauses which create permissible restraints on trade under Virginia law.  Over the past few months, the Court has set out to clari...

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