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Traffic Lawyer Fairfax VA- man getting a ticketIf you have been charged with reckless driving it is in your best interest to hire a traffic lawyer in Fairfax VA. Virginia has some of the harshest laws when it comes to traffic violations. Reckless driving is an especially serious charge that can be penalized with harsh consequences. It has taken many residents of the state off guard to realize that they could be facing jail time for a traffic violation such as reckless driving.  Being charged with something as serious as reckless driving can do lasting damage to your life. It can stay on your record for years after the incident. Obtaining legal help could be one one of the best ways you can protect yourself if you are charged with reckless driving. There are some serious consequences that can happen and if you try to represent yourself these things can only get worse. If you have found yourself in this spot then the team at May Law LLP can help you. 

Fighting a Traffic Violation

Whether it is because you are running late and are trying to reach your destination or unknowingly had too much to drink, you could be charged with a traffic violation for many reasons. If a police officer suspects any kind of illegal activity, they will not hesitate to pull you over. What you do in a traffic stop is crucial, and the actions you take can sway your case. If you are charged with reckless driving in particular, you should be aware of how to take action so that you can protect your legal rights. 

What is Considered Reckless Driving in VA? 

 There are several traffic violations that are considered so serious under Virginia traffic law that they are charged as a criminal offense. Reckless driving is when a driver operates their vehicle in a manner that exhibits a willful disregard to people’s safety and property around them. It can come in many forms and includes a broad range of scenarios and conduct. An officer may arrest you for reckless driving if they observe you:  

  • Driving a vehicle with faulty brakes 
  • Driving with an overloaded vehicle that obstructs view or controls 
  • Driving next to another vehicle on a one lane road 
  • Failing to give proper signals
  • Driving too fast for highway and traffic conditions 
  • Speeding over 20 mph in excess of the posted speed limit
  • Failing to yield the right-of-way
  • Endangering a person or property with your driving 
  • Racing 
  • Burning rubber 
  • Illegally passing 
  • Driving faster than 80mph regardless of the posted speed limit

 As you can see there are many things that can be counted as reckless driving on your part. Something as serious as reckless driving can carry hefty penalties. If you have been charged with the traffic violation of reckless driving, you should take quick action to resolve it. Do not hesitate to speak with a qualified traffic lawyer so that you can learn about your legal options and avoid suffering the worst consequences. Learn how you can protect your rights by scheduling a consultation.  

What Are The Penalties for Reckless Driving?

Many people don’t think much of the consequences of reckless driving, but they can be quite steep. You could be facing fines, the loss of your driver’s license, and months or years in jail. The consequences can stay with you for years if you are convicted. In the state of Virginia, reckless driving is considered a class 1 misdemeanor. If you are convicted you can face these penalties:  

  • 6 points on your driving record 
  • Up to a $2500 fine
  • Maximum 1 year jail time 
  • 6 months of suspension of driving privileges
  • A criminal record 

 Not only that but your auto insurance rates do increase and you could be ineligible to rent a car. These obstacles can make your life difficult. A conviction can also affect your government security clearances and contract eligibility for military or law enforcement personnel. When you have a reckless driving conviction, you are not just inconvenienced but many aspects of your life can be affected in major ways. There are lasting consequences as once you have a criminal record there is no getting rid of it. It will stay on your record permanently. When you go to apply for a new job many employers do background checks and check for any criminal records. They will not be encouraged to hire you if they find that you have a traffic violation. You will have to say yes you have one if you have been found guilty of reckless driving. This can easily mean you don’t get the job and have to keep looking.  Reckless driving in Virginia is taken seriously. With a high fine and a criminal record, it can be daunting to tackle on your own. However, if you are facing a traffic violation charge, especially reckless driving, it is not too late to get help if you act at the right time.  If you have found yourself facing the charges of reckless driving it is often in your best interest to contact a lawyer. Don’t hesitate and contact a traffic violation lawyer in Fairfax VA with the team at May Law LLP as you shouldn’t have to tackle this alone and face the consequence.

The Long-Term Impact of a Traffic Ticket 

A traffic ticket lawyer in Fairfax, Virginia, can help you fight your traffic ticket – and once you read up on the long-term impact of a traffic ticket, you’ll want a lawyer more than ever. There are many benefits to hiring a lawyer, even though the process may be time-consuming and may be costly. However, it is worth the investment if it helps you avoid the worst consequences. A ticket may not seem like a big deal, and everyone gets one at some point in time. But the price of a ticket goes much further than just the fine.

Unfortunately, a ticket is just the tip of the iceberg. If you were ticketed, your insurance prices are going to spike over the next couple years. You might actually end up paying more on increased insurance prices than you paid for your actual ticket. Of course, you could always attend traffic school to avoid a mark on your record, but that costs money too.

It’s legal to fight your traffic, and you should. You don’t want to be dealing with increased insurance costs and a mark on your driving record, especially for years into the future. Read on to learn how your legal team might fight your ticket, and see how May Law, LLP can help.

What NOT to Do When You Fight Your Ticket

 It’s possible to fight a ticket on your own, but we don’t recommend it. If you want to fight a traffic ticket, you need to have a firm understanding of how the law looks at your case, and you need to know what doesn’t work.

  • Emotional appeals are one of the most frequently-attempted defenses when it comes to traffic tickets, and they never work. You can argue that you were having a stressful day and didn’t realize you were speeding, or that you had an emergency at home and needed to get there quickly. But these won’t get you any sympathy. In fact, these arguments openly admit guilt. You’re admitting to speeding, and just trying to make excuses for it. 
  • Ignorance of the law isn’t going to help you either. For one thing, if you have a driver’s license, you show that you had enough understanding of traffic laws to get your license in the first place. Additionally, when you say something like  “I didn’t realize making a left turn was illegal there,” you’re really just making yourself sound like an even worse driver. Acting like you didn’t understand the law when it comes to your traffic ticket is only going to land you in hot water.
  • What you say in your defense is important if you are trying to defend yourself against a traffic charge. If you are pulled over, the police officer may ask you to do a field sobriety test or take a breathalyzer. While you have the legal right to refuse the test, if you do refuse that will be taken into account. If you want to explain your reason for refusing the test, be careful of what you say. You should not be forceful about it because they can misinterpret your actions as obstruction against the officer. Remember that the police officer is searching for evidence, so they will use your words against you. 

How Can a Lawyer Help Me? 

When you set out to fight your ticket, you have to remember that you’re fighting to prove that the actual events are different than what was reported. You don’t want to defend your actions, but dismantle the charges against you. Fortunately, a traffic lawyer in Fairfax, VA can help you investigate the charges and the circumstances surrounding your ticket.

If you want to fight your traffic ticket, you need an experienced lawyer who can walk you through the ins and outs of your case. While everyone gets a traffic ticket eventually, every case is different, and it’s up to you and your lawyer to dispute the account of your traffic stop. Fighting a ticket is not as easy as you think, and there are many ways that you can accidentally make things worse for your case. Instead of just paying your ticket or fighting it yourself, get in touch with an experienced attorney from May Law, LLP.

At May Law, LLP, we know that your traffic ticket can lead to major financial strains in the coming months and years. Don’t settle for a long-term financial hit from a traffic ticket that you can dispute. Get in touch with May Law, LLP, and see how a traffic lawyer in Fairfax, VA can help.

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