Employment Lawyer Fairfax VA

Employment Lawyer Fairfax VA

Employment Lawyer Fairfax VAA workplace injury happens all too often, across every type of injury, as an employment lawyer in Fairfax, VA knows. Though many large employers offer worker’s compensation, actually applying for benefits can be a hassle and a complicated process. If you are reporting a workplace injury, there are important steps you should take. If you need assistance filing a worker’s compensation claim, a Fairfax, VA-based employment lawyer like one from May Law, LLP can give you step by step directions and legal guidance. 

Do I need to report the injury to the employer?

No matter what part you may have played in the accident, you must report to your employer so that they can be aware of the accident. There needs to be a formal report of the accident made. Be sure to follow up with your employer about next steps you should take following the accident. They may want you to fill additional paperwork or complete other actions. 

What if I don’t seek medical attention right away?

The sooner you get medical treatment the better. After you report the accident to your employer,  get treated for your injury. If you delay treatment you may have a more difficult time getting your claim approved because the insurance company msy question whether the injuries exist in the first place. Talk to your employer if they are able to assist you in getting treatment. 

What if I don’t follow my doctor’s instructions? 

After receiving immediate treatment, your doctor will give you aftercare instructions on how to treat your injury at home and promote your recovery. It is important to follow all of your doctor’s guidelines, because if you do anything to aggravate your injury your claim may be rejected since you were not following your doctor’s orders. The insurance company can claim that you worsened your injury and therefore aren’t deserving of compensation. 

What are the requirements to receive compensation?

If you are planning on filing a worker’s compensation claim, see if you meet the eligibility requirements. Review the circumstances of your accident as well as your company’s policies. Make sure you were not violating any policies or laws at the time, as it could be grounds for immediate denial. If you find that your injury is eligible and you meet the qualifications, you will be able to receive benefits. 

From handling discrimination cases to wage disputes, a qualified employment lawyer is knowledgable about matters relating to employment. It can be hard to make sense of how laws apply to your particular situation, so discussing your experience and the circumstances of your case with a lawyer has many benefits. Worker’s compensation claims are just one of the things that they are able to help you with. They can evaluate your case so that you are aware of your full options. You can receive legal assistance from an employment lawyer if you are having difficulty navigating your worker’s compensation claim. Talk to a trusted employment lawyer in Fairfax, VA for legal guidance and support when you are ready to file a worker’s compensation claim. 


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