Arlington Criminal Law — Robbery in Front of Jail

No place is a good place for a robbery.  However, Diavonte Barlow, may have picked the absolute worst place — right in front of the Arlington County Jail!

According to Arlington police, Mr. Barlow asked a passerby for money.  When the victim said he didn’t have any, Mr. Barlow allegedly ran after the man and hit him in the face.  He was arrested and charged with Attempted Robbery and Assault and Battery.

Question:  How does the government prove “attempted” robbery based only on these facts?  Here is the definition of Robbery.  In Virginia, “attempts” are punishable the same as if the act were “completed.”  However, from what the police have released, unless Mr. Barlow checked the victim’s pockets, demanded money, or did something affirmative in pursuit of stealing, there may be no grounds for the Attempted Robbery allegation.  Certainly, there may be more to this story.  In any event, getting into a fight in front of the jail?  Come on!

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