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Types of Wrongful Termination Cases 

Posted on December 29, 2022
Wrongful Termination Lawyer There are many things that you can do as a victim to protect your rights if you have been wrongfully terminated. A wrongful termination can be fought against with the help of a lawyer. It is illegal for a company to terminate a worker’s employment in certain scenarios. Defending yourself against these types of cases is incredibly difficult. There are ways that a lawyer can give you the legal assistance that you
Contracts come in many forms, from small-time freelancers to giant corporations managing several dozens of employees. As such, contracts can sometimes be a page or two long or extend to the length of a small book. Avoiding contractual disputes should be a top priority regardless of a contract’s length or stipulations. Unfortunately, contract disputes can happen all the time, and minor errors like vague wording can cause issues. This blog will explore five professional tips

Frequently Asked Divorce Questions

Posted on December 7, 2022
Frequently Asked Divorce Questions A family law lawyer residents depend on may be necessary for couples initiating the divorce process. While couples may manage the process without a lawyer, negotiating agreements can be challenging, and managing the legal system can be highly complex. As our team Robinson & Hadeed will share that although the divorce rate in the US has decreased significantly, there are still more than 750,000 divorces each year. Even amicable divorces can

Driving Under The Influence in DC

Posted on November 3, 2022
Driving Under The Influence in DC A Washington DC news anchor, Leon Harris, was charged with DUI in late January 2022 while driving in Maryland. He also was charged with additional charges which included an attempt to evade the police, failure to remain at the scene of the accident, and driving while impaired with alcohol. The incident that led to these charges was first brought to the attention of police when Harris rear-ended one vehicle

Federal Bank Fraud Schemes

Posted on November 1, 2022
Federal criminal defense attorneys defend people who are charged with a wide variety of crimes, including many white-collar crimes. One federal white-collar crime is federal bank fraud.   The main statute that covers federal bank fraud is 18 USC § 1344.  According to a bank fraud lawyer residents trust this statute provides:   Whoever knowingly executes, or attempts to execute, a scheme or artifice— (1) to defraud a financial institution; or (2) to obtain any of
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