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If you are in trouble with the law, you may want to consult with a criminal lawyer Fairfax VA trusts from May Law, L.L.P. Attorneys and Counselors at Law. The firm has been around since 1995 and have handled hundreds of trials. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a criminal lawyer:


Reduce Penalties

When you are charged with a crime, you may face some pretty harsh penalties, such as jail time or heavy fines. If you work with an experienced criminal lawyer in Fairfax VA, he or she may work hard to get those penalties reduced. For example, if you get charged with a DUI and face jail time, your lawyer may negotiate with the prosecuting attorney to help you avoid spending time behind bars. He or she may tell the prosecutor that you have never been in trouble with the law before and do not deserve such a harsh penalty.


Protection from Police

The police are highly skilled at getting information out of individuals who are charged with crimes. They may act like they are trying to help the defendants, but they are actually pushing them to confess. That is why having a skilled criminal lawyer Fairfax VA depends on by your side is so important. If you hire a lawyer from May Law, L.L.P. Attorneys and Counselors at Law, he or she may attend all of your meetings with the police and prevent them from asking you illegal questions.


Experience in Defending the Accused

A skilled Fairfax criminal lawyer may have years of experience defending the accused and know to build a strong defense for you. He or she may carefully look at all the evidence against you and see if there are any holes in your case. If your lawyer does find holes, he or she may use that to reduce or dismiss your charges.


Constant Support

When you are dealing with criminal charges, you my feel alone and scared. A good criminal lawyer Fairfax VA relies on may help you cope with all your emotions and lend a shoulder to lean on. Whenever you feel anxious or frightened about your case, you should feel comfortable talking to you lawyer about it.


Representation in Court

Walking into a courtroom can be quite stressful, especially if you are charged with a crime. If you walk in there with an experienced criminal lawyer Fairfax VA respects, he or she may calm your nerves and prevent you from saying something that may jeopardize your case.


At May Law, L.L.P. Attorneys and Counselors at Law, we provide free initial consultations, so you do not have anything to lose by speaking to one of our attorneys. We want to help you prepare the strongest defense possible.


Do not wait to hire an attorney to take your case. If you are looking for a reputable criminal lawyer Fairfax VA offers, contact May Law, L.L.P. Attorneys and Counselors at Law at (703) 312-0410.

Client Review

“Amelia was so responsive to my concerns and needs. She did not waste any time providing me with the assistance I needed. Not only was she knowledgeable and able to provide me with advice, she was personable, friendly, and sensitive to my concerns. I highly recommend May Law, LLP to anyone in need of a lawyer!”
Megan Girvin
Client Review

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