Driving Under The Influence in DC

Driving Under The Influence in DC

A Washington DC news anchor, Leon Harris, was charged with DUI in late January 2022 while driving in Maryland. He also was charged with additional charges which included an attempt to evade the police, failure to remain at the scene of the accident, and driving while impaired with alcohol. The incident that led to these charges was first brought to the attention of police when Harris rear-ended one vehicle which then in turn rear-ended another vehicle. The police reported no serious injuries at the crash but did spot Harris attempting to leave the scene of the accident he caused. Harris subsequently failed a breathalyzer test after police stopped him from leaving the scene. It was also revealed that Harris was charged with DUI in 2013 in another incident. 

Virginia DUI/DWI

The State of Virginia considers DUI to be driving under the influence. They also deem DWI to be driving while intoxicated. These two terms can be considered the same when it comes to the law. This offense is a serious one in Virginia and DC. Fines could be in the hundreds to thousands of dollars. Jail time is even ordered in some cases when it is a second offense within a certain time frame. Facing these charges can be a difficult thing to overcome on one’s own. In order to fight these charges or see reduced jail time or fees, it may be helpful to contact a professional or a lawyer who deals in these realms. 

How a DWI Lawyer Can Assist

A lawyer who specializes in DUI and DWI offenses can be a great asset to have on one’s side. Whether it is someone’s first offense or a follow-up offense it is important to understand the law and how it pertains to people facing these charges. Fines and even jail time may be ordered in these cases. Getting these items dismissed or reduced is something that is well within a DWI lawyer’s skillset. A DWI lawyer will take the time to understand the details and nuances of the case. They will sit down with the person who has been charged and help them to understand the full scope of the charges and go over the evidence with them. Their knowledge and experience can offer quite a bit of peace and confidence for getting through this difficult time. 

DWI Law Firm

If you or someone you know are facing a DWI charge and don’t know what to do or are in need of assistance then  Our lawyers have experience in helping people face these charges and receive a reduction in fees or other things ordered by a court. Waiting too long or not having the right representation could see the charges intensify or fees heightened. Contact us today to learn more about the process and contact a DWI lawyer Fairfax, VA residents trust and know from Maw Law, LLP. we can help.

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