How to Get Organized Before Beginning the Divorce Process

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It can be overwhelming to prepare for a divorce. This is particularly true if your divorce is a sudden event that you did not necessarily expect. If you would like to save time and money during the divorce process, we encourage you to follow these organization tips before beginning the divorce process. For more detailed information that may apply to your particular case, contact a law firm today to meet with a skilled divorce attorney.

Gather Financial Documents

One of the most important areas to address while going through a divorce is finances. The way you handle your assets can significantly impact how you live once your divorce has been finalized.

For this reason, one of your top priorities should be to do whatever you can to achieve financial security. Begin by gathering all of your financial documents. Then, take the time to figure out all of your assets and debts so that your financial situation is clearly outlined when you meet with your divorce lawyer and financial advisor.

Re-Route Your Mail

You may be unsure of whether you will stay in the family home or have to move. However, it is still essential to set up a new mail arrangement before you begin the divorce process. This way, you can separate your personal, private mail so that your soon-to-be-ex does not have access to your divorce documents. Consider establishing a post office box if you are unsure of your future living arrangements.

Separate Bank Accounts

If you share bank accounts with your spouse, it is time to open up separate checking and savings accounts. It is also a good idea to open up credit cards in your own name. This way, you can start to build credit in your own name and demonstrate how you are able to provide for yourself financially. By separating your finances, you can also figure out how to budget and prepare for future expenses.

Collect Benefit Information

Benefits include life insurance, health insurance, living wills, and retirement accounts. Collect all of this information so that it can be shared with your divorce lawyer. All of these benefits can have a major impact on your future lifestyle, just like asset and debts.

Contact an Experienced Divorce Lawyer

Another important way to prepare for your divorce is to find an experienced divorce lawyer you can trust. Divorce lawyers are dedicated to guiding you through the divorce process and ensuring it is as efficient as possible. Contact a divorce lawyer in Fairfax, VA today to set up a confidential consultation and find out how they can help make sure your rights are protected and you get the type of divorce settlement you deserve.

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