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Traffic Violation Lawyer Arlington VA

Traffic Violation Lawyer Arlington VA

To most people speeding seems like a trivial traffic offense.  Right? Wrong! Virginia has some of the strictest traffic laws in the country.  If you were cited for speeding, a traffic lawyer Arlington VA can help you determine the best possible course of action, based on the speed and other mitigating circumstances.

In Virginia, speeding includes driving over the speed limit, driving too fast for the conditions, failing to obey a highway sign or special limit zones (e.g. school zone, construction zone), and general speeding.  Speed limit signs are absolute; they are not a suggestion. A traffic lawyer Arlington VA understands these laws and can help prepare your defense.

If you are driving at a speed greater than 80 miles per hour, regardless of the posted speed limit or driving at a speed exceeding the posted speed limit by 20 miles per hour, you will most likely be charged with reckless driving.  Reckless driving is a Class 1 misdemeanor (criminal offense) and is punishable by jail and hefty fines. Call a traffic lawyer Arlington VA immediately when charged with reckless driving.

Virginia speeding laws require drivers to drive at a speed that is safe depending on the circumstances, regardless of any posted speed limit.  In other words, while it is safe to drive 55 miles per hour on a sunny day when the road is dry and clearly visible, it is not safe to do so when it’s dark and gloomy and the road is wet.  If you are cited for speeding, contact a traffic lawyer Arlington VA at (703) 312-0410 to fight a conviction and minimize any penalties.

A traffic lawyer Arlington VA understands the ways in which law enforcement officers monitor speed.  Virginia law enforcement officers monitor speed by using radar, LIDAR, traffic cameras, and pacing (officers match the speed of another driver to determine their speed).  Most of the police equipment records the speeds for any future court hearings. The police equipment is also calibrated regularly to ensure the reliability of its recordings.  Remember, our traffic lawyer Arlington VA can help you defend your traffic citation! Pacing is often unreliable as officers make mistakes too. Police equipment is not always calibrated and has false readings.  Hire our traffic lawyer Arlington VA to raise like defenses and make it difficult for a prosecutor to prove their case against you!

What should you do when cited with speeding?  A traffic lawyer Arlington Virginia knows that there are two options: pay your ticket and plead guilty or fight your ticket and plead not guilty.  Paying your ticket may seem like a much easier option. It’s easy to pay your fine online or by mail. The trouble starts when DMV issues demerits points, your insurance rates go up, and your license is suspended or even revoked (with enough demerit points).  Choose the smart option and fight your ticket. Our traffic lawyer Arlington VA will contest your traffic citation in court on your behalf. Traffic lawyer Arlington VA can help you reduce or even dismiss your charge, especially if you have a good driving record and have never been in trouble before.  Our attorneys include former prosecutors and police officers and can often present evidence in a most positive way.

If you have been accused of speeding in Arlington VA, contact one of our knowledgeable and experienced lawyers at May Law, LLP.  Our traffic lawyer Arlington VA will meet with you for free with no further obligations. Call us now at (703) 312-0410 for a free consultation.

Reckless Driving FAQ: What is the difference between reckless driving and careless driving?

When it comes to traffic violations, there are a number of terms that may be used on the ticket. Instinctively you may be inclined to review the violation, pay the fine, and move forward as quickly as possible. However, there are differences between terms such as careless driving, reckless driving, hazardous driving, and aggressive driving. In fact depending on what the violation is could depend on how you should proceed. For example, what defense you might be able to use to protect your rights, and whether or not you should hire a traffic violation lawyer in Arlington VA.

What is the difference between reckless driving and careless driving?

An Arlington VA traffic violation lawyer might explain to you that there are a few similarities between reckless driving and careless driving. However, they also have different connotations. This means that they could affect your charges, insurance premiums, and sentence if you are found guilty. Before you rule them out to be one and the same, take a moment to understand the difference between reckless driving and careless driving. Bear in mind that these explanations are general and could vary by state.  If you still have questions, you may contact an Arlington VA traffic violation lawyer fromMay Law LLP.

Careless Driving – A careless driving violation is typically considered to be one that is negligent, unsafe, and/or hazardous. When a driver is driving in a way that could cause harm to a person or damage to property, such as running a red light, it might be considered as careless driving. In general, a careless driving violation is not as serious as a reckless driving violation.

Reckless Driving – A reckless driving violation may be very serious. When someone is driving recklessly, it is believed that they have the intent to harm a person or cause damage to property. Someone one who is driving reckless is fully aware that they are driving in an unsafe manner; whereas, someone who is driving carelessly is not. Reckless driving is seen as having no regard for humans, property, or the law. Both the court and insurance companies do not take these violations lightly.

Careless and Reckless Driving Laws

Every state has its own driving laws and governs these rules independently. The penalties for both careless and reckless driving will depend on the state that the violation occurred in. Many states implement a point system. Every violation carries a certain number of points and once a person receives so many, he or she could lose their license. Some violations, such as racing, driving 20 mph over the speed limit, or driving under the influence could result in an immediate suspension of a license in addition to other penalties such as:

  • Fines
  • Probation
  • Jail time
  • Increase in your insurance premium
  • Loss of a professional license
  • + More

Considering Legal Help

The consequences of both reckless and careless driving can be devastating and last for many years into the future. If you’re facing a license suspension, you might also face transportation problems and that could result in job loss. Furthermore, if you have any other type of record or are on probation, a careless or reckless driving violation could escalate the situation. A lawyer might be able to reduce these charges so that they are not as serious. If you choose to fight the charges brought against you, call a traffic violation lawyer Arlington VA clients recommend from May Law LLP as soon as possible.


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