Seeking Child Support Modifications

Divorces can be sad and painful, especially when they involve children. When children are in the picture, child support is usually negotiated in a way that is best for them. Usually what each parent earns, what financial obligations are present and what each parent can provide all come into play when creating an agreement. Many agreements make sense when they are laid out, but over time circumstances change. A parent may remarry, lose a job, get divorced or get injured and child support modifications need to be made.

A parent seeking a child support modification may do so in one of two ways. They either may come to an agreement with the other parent or they may ask the court to modify the terms of support. Even in cases when the parents come to an agreement outside of court, it is best to ask a judge to approve the terms once they are reached.

If both parents cannot reach an agreement, then both parties must head back to court. You will need proof of how your situation has changed. The court when then determine if they should grant a temporary or permanent modification.

Temporary child support modifications may be sufficient for times where there is a medical emergency, a temporary financial hardship or a temporary illness or burden.

Some cases may call for a permanent modification. If a parent loses a job, has a job change and has a significant change in salary, a parent remarries and the household income increases significantly, a child’s monetary needs change significantly or child support laws change, a permanent child support modification may be needed.

If you are considering modifications, especially if you pay child support and cannot meet your obligations, you want to make a modification as soon as possible. You may quickly fall into arrears if you do not act fast and then you will have no way to get out of that except by paying that debt off. At May Law, our team of highly experienced attorneys are here to help you. We will assess your situation and help you make an agreement that meets both your needs and the needs of your children. Call our offices today for your free, initial consultation.

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