Special Events and the Risk of Theft

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Whether it’s a wedding, a music concert, or a conference, special events are supposed to be enjoyable and a safe place to gather with others. But what happens when an attendee is robbed while at the event? Perhaps their purse is stolen or their wallet is lifted out of their back pocket. In many cases, the thief is gone within moments, and possibly before the victim even realizes they were robbed. If you are an event organizer and would like to minimize the risk of your guests being the victims of theft, there are several things you can do, including speaking with a lawyer, like a criminal lawyer in Civic Center San Francisco, CA from Hallinan Law Firm.

  1.   Hire security for your event. There are private security companies throughout the country, and there may be one or more located in your city. There are many reasons for why hiring professionals rather than friends is preferable. For one thing, if they wear a security uniform, they can be a visual deterrent, discouraging thieves from even thinking about stealing. Also, they are trained to safely handle most situations and if the thief exhibits signs of being dangerous, a good security guard will immediately call the police. The cost of hiring a security company can be an excellent investment because one guest’s bad experience with a thief can ruin the event and the organizer’s reputation.
  2.   Choose an event space that is located in a safe area. Though it’s true that theft can occur virtually anywhere, it’s also true that bad neighborhoods are generally higher crime areas. In addition to the risk of theft, event visitors are at risk for physical assault as well. It’s important to choose an event location that offers the best situation for your guests. Parking locations should also be a consideration. If the event space itself is located in a reasonably safe locale but the guests must park several blocks away and walk to the building, they are no better off than if the event is held in a bad part of town.
  3.   Arrange for a coat check to safeguard guests’ possessions. Having a trusted person check guests purses, hats, and coats can minimize or even eliminate the risk of theft. Be sure to employ a cheque system so that guests receive their own possessions back instead of mistakenly being handed someone else’s. Items may appear identical so to prevent embarrassing issues, anything held by the coat check should be clearly identified with the owner’s name.
  4.   Schedule the event to end before darkness falls. This way, they will be exiting the building and walking to their choice of transportation when their ability to see someone approaching is not hampered by poor lighting. This can aid in keeping guests safe if walkways are hazardous, such as cracked sidewalks. A slip and fall accident can result in a serious injury and avoiding hazards is easier to do when they’re clearly visible.
Don’t Let Thieves Spoil Your Special Event

By taking proactive measures to guard against the potential actions of thieves, you can ensure that your guests have a positive experience.

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