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Criminal Law

Drug Charges Pre-File Investigation

Criminal Defense Lawyer

If police are asking you about the distribution, possession, or cultivation of drugs, it may be in your best interest to consult a drug possession lawyer right away. Calling or hiring a lawyer does not mean you are guilty, nor does it...

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Illegal Searches 

Criminal Lawyer

Law-enforcement officers are meant to enforce the law. This means there are several ways that they can also break the law; the law is not beneath them. There are certain things that constitute illegal searches by police, and it is important t...

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How Do Judges Determine the Amount of Bail?

If you have been arrested for a criminal offense, chances are that a judge may require you to post money bail in order to get out of jail. While judges do have the option to permit you to be released without posting a money bail, often called release on “personal reco...

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Tips for Getting Hired With a Criminal Record

A criminal conviction can follow you around long after you’ve finished a prison or probation sentence. Having a conviction on your record can make it especially more difficult to obtain employment. Many employers do background checks these days and may be weary about ...

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How to Simplify Your Executor’s Job

Getting named the executor of an estate can be a big honor. It shows that you trusted a person enough to put him or her ahead of managing your affairs when you can’t. Being an executor is also a huge responsibility that involves a lot of work. It can take time away fr...

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A Guide to Business Contracts

Do you need a business lawyer to review or draft a contract? If you are starting a new business, contracts will be one of the most common legal transactions you'll be involved in. This means it will be important to take time and learn about business contracts...

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How does a Parent’s Death Affect Child Support?

The death of a parent is a very difficult event for everyone to deal with. It can make it even more challenging when child support payments are needed and those left behind have to determine what the death means in regards of child support payments. To determine what ...

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Contesting a Will

An estate planning lawyer can tell you that contesting a will may be unusual, but it is not unheard of. Under certain circumstances, the law allows for interested parties to contest a will. Many times, the risk of a will being contested can be minimized or eliminated ...

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What do when eligible for Parole

If you or someone you know is soon eligible for parole, then there are a few tips you should know to prepare you for this parole process. The first thing is to make sure you have an experienced attorney representing you throughout your parole hearings. The Kentucky Parole board gives you the opportu...

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Three Ways to Protect Your Personal Injury Settlement in a Divorce

Couples file for divorce for numerous reasons: adultery, cruelty, and disconnect. Laws regarding divorce vary by state, though some courts will grant a divorce on the grounds of irreconcilable differences, irretrievable destruction of the marriage or simply incompatib...

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What Is Business Law?

Understanding legal aspects of business is the first step to success for any company. Business law refers to the regulations governing many aspects of running a company including these areas:

The Severity of a DUI

Driving under the Influence is never a wise choice. Many people who have been charged with DUIs were not aware that they had overindulged. Having a few cocktails after work may seem completely innocent, but if you aren’t careful, there can be a number of consequences....

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“Force” in Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse

The district attorney is often not required to show proof that physical force was used when prosecuting allegations of child sexual abuse.  This is important because a potential response to these types of allegations is that the alleged victim initiated and participat...

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Post-Conviction Petitions

The law of most states and the federal government provides a means for prisoners and those under court supervision to challenge the legality of their convictions, even after their direct appeals have been exhausted, as a Read More

Should One Attorney Represent Two or More Persons Forming a New Business

Attorneys representing Idaho clients must not only adhere to the legal requirements that apply to all Idaho citizens, but must also follow the ethics rules that apply to attorneys. These rules are known as the Idaho Rules of Prof...

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