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Spousal Support Lawyer in Virginia


Spousal Support Lawyer VirginiaIf you are trying to get your ex-spouse to pay alimony, it is important to consult a spousal support lawyer in Virginia promptly. Alimony is a frequently misunderstood concept among many people. Here are some common myths about alimony that you should not believe.


  • The terms of alimony are permanent. This is not true. The terms of the order can actually be modified under certain circumstances. For instance, if the person paying the support loses a job, a judge may lower his or her payments. On the other hand, if the paying person gets a higher paying job and the recipient needs go up, a judge may increase the payments. 
  • Alimony will last forever. Some people go in with the false assumption that they will receive alimony payments forever. The truth is that alimony was never designed to be permanent. Its purpose is to help a person get back on their feet financially after a divorce is finalized. If the person receiving the support gets a job or marries someone else, the alimony payments will come to an end.
  • Alimony must always be paid by the person who makes more money. This is another common myth people believe about alimony. In reality, just because a person earns a higher salary, does not mean he or she is automatically ordered to pay the other person alimony. For instance, if you were married for less than a year, the judge may not grant you alimony.
  • You can’t qualify for alimony if you filed for divorce first. There are many factors the court will look at before deciding to award alimony or not. However, as a spousal support lawyer in Virginia can attest, filing first is not one of these factors. Even if you request the divorce, it may still be possible to obtain alimony.
  • Only women get alimony. While this might have been true back in the day, it is not the case today. Judges no longer automatically award alimony to women. If the woman, for example, was the breadwinner in the marriage the man stayed home and took care of the kids, the man may likely get awarded alimony.
  • Alimony is always paid monthly. Although alimony can be paid monthly, it could also be paid in a single lump sum.


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