The Severity of a DUI

Driving under the Influence is never a wise choice. Many people who have been charged with DUIs were not aware that they had overindulged. Having a few cocktails after work may seem completely innocent, but if you aren’t careful, there can be a number of consequences. A DUI can range in severity depending on the factors at play and how many offenses you have on your record. An attorney who has experience in representing people who have been charged with DUIs may be helpful during this trying time. A DUI can result in a range of emotions that include: shame, guilt, sadness and anxiety. An attorney will be helpful in supporting you through the court system so that you are able to move forward with your life.  If you are charged with a drinking and driving related offense, you should contact an experienced DUI lawyer as soon as possible. Successfully defending these cases requires immediate action.

Unexpected Impacts of a DUI
It can be nerve wracking to sit with a DUI charge. It’s likely that you will have a number of questions when it comes to how the DUI will impact your life once the legal process is complete. Working with an attorney may be helpful as they can outline for you the unexpected elements to a DUI. There will be a number of unknowns, which will likely leave you feeling lost in terms of what you should expect. Aside from the traditional consequences a person may experience through the court system, there may also be other ramifications. The following outlines the hidden consequences to a DUI charge:

A DUI conviction will show up in a background check conducted by a current or potential employer. This could impact your ability to gain employment or maintain your current job.
Your auto insurance can sky rocket from a DUI conviction. In some cases, rates can double as a result.
The Motor Vehicle Administration can suspend or revoke your license, could force you to have an ignition interlock installed, or severely limit when and where you are able to drive.
Your reputation could be impacted. If you are charged with a DUI, the information will be made available to the public. Receiving a DUI is not something that anyone is proud of. The last thing you want is to have this information on display to people in your community.

Unfortunately, a DUI charge has the ability to haunt you for quite some time. This can be frustrating if you have already paid the consequences through the legal system. An attorney will be vital in helping you to learn all that lies ahead in the event you have been charged with a DUI.

DUIs Range in Severity
The consequences of a DUI are contingent upon a number of factors like the number of offenses you have on your record. Hiring an experienced DUI attorney is very important if you have been charged with a DUI, especially if this is not your first infraction. Depending on how many DUIs you have had, there are a variety of consequences you could face:

Jail Time
Suspension of Your License
Permanent Loss of Your License
Permanent Mark on Your Record
Heavy Fines (This ranges depending on whether this is your first charge)
Required to attend alcohol education courses

A DUI charge is the last thing that you should have to face alone. Contact a DUI attorney who can help represent you and advocate for you throughout the legal process.

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