Your Legal Rights If Arrested

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If you’ve been arrested, you may be confused and disoriented. The police will not always tell you clearly about all your rights. You need to be represented by an experienced criminal justice lawyer to make sure your rights are maintained.

Your Right to Remain Silent

You’ve seen police officers on TV shows and in movies read suspects their rights. This is often followed by people talking extensively. It’s important that you not speak to the police and answer questions before being represented by an attorney. Even if you’re confident of your innocence, and even if the police officers or investigators appear to be friendly, you may say things that could make your defense more complicated. It’s best not to make statements that could be misconstrued.

Please note that your right to silence doesn’t begin when they “read you your rights.” Nor must the police read you your rights when first making contact. It’s important to be careful of what you say from the moment you make contact with a police officer, whether it be during a traffic stop or a seemingly casual encounter on the street.

You’re Entitled to Make Phone Calls

Another misconception from the movies is the idea that you “get one phone call.” In reality, you can make the phone calls that you need to make. You may need to call your family, an attorney, and someone to help with bail, for example. However, you’ll generally have your cell phone taken from you, so you’ll have to make those calls from a phone at the jail. You should not expect privacy unless you’re talking to your attorney. Even then, it’s likely a good idea to avoid getting into details on the call. Wait until you’re face to face with a criminal justice lawyer.

They Cannot Abuse or Mistreat You

While police can use reasonable and necessary force in affecting an arrest, they cannot be abusive to you while you are in custody. If you are mistreated while in custody, you may have grounds for a suit, regardless of the merits of your criminal case.

You Cannot Resist Arrest

Regardless of the merits of your situation, it’s never a good idea to resist arrest. Resisting arrest is a crime in its own right, regardless of your guilt or innocence in the matter they originally detained you over.

The most important thing to remember if arrested is to comply, but remain silent. You need to get a criminal justice lawyer in Arlington, VA from May Law, LLP as soon as possible if you’re arrested.

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