How to Adjust Alimony Payments

Alimony is one of the most contentious issues a divorced couple faces. Often, one spouse resents having to give money to the other while the other spouse worries that there may be money or other assets hidden from the court. If you worry that you may be paying too much or worry that you may not be getting your fair share, contact an alimony adjustment attorney right away.

The court sets the amount for alimony (or spousal support) with the facts they have at that particular time. But life changes happen constantly. Some people get a new job, some people get a raise, some people lose a job or suffer an illness, etc. Therefore it may be necessary to adjust alimony either up or down as the circumstances dictate. A lawyer can examine your situation to determine if a change is warranted.

If you are the party requesting an increase in alimony, it will be necessary to show why that amount is now insufficient. It will not be enough to simply show that your ex-spouse makes more money; rather, you will need to show that the amount you are currently receiving is insufficient for your situation. An attorney can assemble the necessary documentation to help you potentially obtain this increase.

If you are requesting a decrease in alimony, you will need to show that your life circumstances have made it impossible to make your alimony payments. You will need to show that this change is something that is likely to continue. This means that you can’t simply quit your job in order to avoid alimony payments. But if you were to suffer an illness or injury that will permanently impact your earnings, you may be able to obtain a reduction in alimony.

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