Understanding Blood-Alcohol Content

One of the most important factors in a drunk driving arrest is a person’s blood-alcohol content. In the vast majority of cases, the strongest evidence against a person will be that they were over the legal limit in Virginia, which is .08. One drink is approximately equivalent to .02, with the body metabolizing one drink per hour. If you are over this limit, you will need a drunk driving attorney to help fight the charges against you.

As an example, say Mike goes to the bar and has three beers in two hours. His blood-alcohol content at this point would likely be around .02. Each beer adds .02, but since his body metabolizes two of those drinks (one per hour), he should be around .02. This means he likely should be under the legal limit.

It is important to note that every person is different and a variety of factors can influence a person’s blood-alcohol content. For instance, drinking on an empty stomach can cause a person to get drunk faster. A smaller person might also get drunk quicker. The best way to avoid a drunk driving arrest is to avoid drinking altogether or to leave your car at home. Some people might only plan on having one or two, but end up having many more. By avoid all alcohol or taking a cab to the bar, you give yourself the best chance possible at avoiding arrest.

The reason people wind up having too many is because decision making ability is one of the first things to be impacted by alcohol. A person might have one beer, feel fine, and then have a few more because they think they still have their facilities under control. The more drinks they have, the more confident they are in their ability to drive. Unfortunately, they then wind up having too many and find themselves charged with a serious crime.

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