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How Are Licenses Limited?

Whenever two entities interact, such as writer and publisher or influencer and brand, there is often some sort of licensing that goes on between the parties and involves those parties’ copyrights or trademarks. In order for this transaction to succeed, one or both parties need to allow the other to use their copyright or trademarks. It is important therefore to limit the use of these licenses to ensure that one party doesn’t end up abusing…

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Bankruptcy Attorney

4 Ways Debt Collectors May Be Violating Your Rights Any person who has fallen behind on payments, has probably experienced several annoying phone calls from debt collectors trying to get a payment. While these calls are certainly not fun, they may not be in violation of your rights. However, there are certain tactics a debt collection agency may use that are actually unlawful. Debtors who are concerned that a collection agency has gone too far,

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Cheerleading Uniforms At Center of Supreme Court Copyright Infringement Suit

October begins a new term for the Supreme Court and one of the cases on their docket is a copyright infringement case involving cheerleading uniforms. In Star Athletica, LLC v. Varsity Brands, Inc., Varsity Brands, Inc., an athletic uniform manufacturer sued Star Athletica, LLC , another athletic uniform manufacturer, for selling uniforms that look similar to Varsity Brands’ copyrighted design. According to the case, Varsity Brands sued because they state Star Athletica’s uniforms with color

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The Four Corners of the Contract

When a person is signing a contract, they need to make sure that any and all promises or expectations are outlined in the contract. If guarantees or assurances are made outside of the contract, they essentially can’t be enforced. This is because any dispute will refer to the “four corners of the contract.” In other words, they will look at what specifically is written on the page. Before you sign any contract, it may be

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Employment Law Update

Fired for Facebook? Terminated for Tweeting? One of May Law’s most robust practice areas is employment law, serving both employers and employees, whether in government or in the private workforce. As with any client, we thoughtfully advise those seeking employment counsel based on the law, company rules, what the client has said or done to allegedly violate those rules, and what they should NOT do as we proceed in protecting their interests… So as an

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