Employment Law Questions Answered

When employers employ people to work for them, they must understand employment law; however, when this does not happen, employees may pursue legal action for wrongdoing with help from an employment litigation lawyer . Employment law is ever present in the workplace and affects nearly all aspects of a business. Employers must have in-depth knowledge of fair employment practices, family and medical leave, benefits and pay, and more. Employees have rights, and when an employer fails to understand these rights, it can cause issues in the workplace that impact not only those employed but also company owners. Workplace issues can profoundly affect a company’s ability to be productive and successful. Eric Siegel Law is dedicated to representing employees who have experienced injustices in the workplace and assisting with answering legal questions regarding employment practices by providing answers to the many questions prospective clients may have:

What are common reasons for legal cases involving employees?

Employment law can be complex, and sometimes, employers fail to educate themselves on the obligations they have to their employees. As a result, employees may experience mistreatment, harassment, unfair labor practices, and more. Unfortunately, this can deeply impact victims, and a lawyer’s representation may be necessary. The following are common employment legal issues that may arise:

  • Work-Related Accidents
  • Retaliation
  • Wrongful Termination
  • Discrimination
  • Harassment
  • Labor Issues
  • Misclassification of Employees

What is retaliation in the workplace?

While employees should speak out against mistreatment in the workplace, sometimes doing so may result in retaliation. As a Washington, D.C. employment litigation lawyer will share, retaliation is when an employee receives adverse treatment for engaging in protected employee acts. Equal Employment Opportunity protected activities are those an employee has a right to engage in without concern for retaliation from their employers. Examples of protected activities include salary reductions, demotion, firing, or other adverse actions. 

What steps should be taken if I have experienced retaliation?

Sometimes retaliation can be apparent, while it can be challenging to identify in other situations. Should an employee suspect retaliation, if they are able, they should speak with their supervisor or a human resources representative to understand the reason for adverse actions. However, sometimes, an employee must take the process further by speaking with a lawyer and filing a complaint with the EEOC. 

When should an employment lawyer be contacted?

Many employees believe that they can handle employment issues on their own; however, sometimes, problems may become too complicated, or employers may be unwilling to take action. In other situations, an employer’s retaliation efforts may impact a person’s ability to trust that they will take steps towards correcting the problem. Often employees feel powerless and at the mercy of their employer, and a lawyer can help them gain the upper hand. When victims reach out to a lawyer, they will gain the representation they deserve by receiving a thorough case review and a strategic plan for moving forward. 

What are some tips to keep in mind when researching area lawyers?

Legal entanglements are highly complex matters, and victims of injustices have a right to comprehensive legal representation. Issues surrounding employment can be deeply impactful for an employee. The workplace is where we spend most of our time each week, which is critical to a person’s ability to live and pay their bills. A lawyer can play an essential role in the legal process, and it’s crucial to find the right professional for the job. Keep the following in mind to ensure that you receive the representation you deserve:

  • Research area lawyers
  • Choose a profession with employment law experience
  • Ask other lawyers for recommendations
  • Schedule a consultation
  • Prepare for the consultation by bringing a list of questions and evidence

Our team from Eric Siegel Law will share that it’s important for employees with potential legal issues due to their employment to take immediate action to hold those responsible for their actions with the help of a legal professional. 


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