Fairfax County Public Defender’s Office Accuses Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office Of Not Providing A Speedy Trial

Earlier in March 2023, the Fairfax County Public Defender’s Office accused the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office of exercising misconduct when it comes to a bus driver accused of a DUI. The case references a charter bus driver, Troy Reynolds, who was arrested without bond since being arrested on October 27th following a bus crash. 


The Fairfax County Public Defender’s Office is claiming that Mr. Reynolds is being denied a right to a fair and speedy trial. This legal motion also claims that certain evidence used to bolster the claim against Mr. Reynolds, like driving while under the influence and child endangerment, wasn’t turned over to the defense attorneys in a timeline adhering to the law. 


The parent of one of the 44 kindergarten children aboard the bus when the incident happened gave their thoughts: “My thoughts are that the right to a fair and speedy trial is sacred, and if that can’t happen, then there shouldn’t be a trial. That said, children are sacred too, and if a person who puts many children in danger is not adjudicated, that is a travesty of justice,” Zach Thurn said. 


This legal motion echoes similar prior accusations that have transpired from the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office. Senior Assistant Public Defender Amy M. Jordan wrote in the motion that continuing this trial while Mr. Reynolds is still imprisoned isn’t a solution. 


As of now, it’s unclear what this legal motion means for Mr. Reynolds’ case and whether or not this situation may affect how the case plays out. Regardless, when dealing with a DUI charge, it’s important to work with an attorney that can help you or your loved one avoid a problem like imprisonment being stretched out. Every citizen, regardless of the alleged crime they committed, should have a fair and timely trial. 


Based on the legal motion, the bus driver in this particular case has been in jail for approximately six months without bond. A big element of this case, of course, is the child endangerment offense, which makes a DUI offense worse. Nevertheless, every New Jersey citizen should receive a fair defense. 


Dealing with a DUI charge can be extremely stressful and nerve-wracking, and even first-time offenders can face huge fines and penalties and even jail time. While an attorney can’t necessarily make DUI charges go away, they can help you or your loved ones fight such charges if there’s reason to believe that any misconduct took place. An attorney can also help you receive a better plea deal, which may include lesser sentencing (like lowering a felony to a misdemeanor), helping you avoid prison for house arrest or probation instead, lowering penalties and fines, and preventing an offense from going on your permanent record. 


Facing a DUI charge of any kind should be taken very seriously, and working with a Fairfax VA DUI lawyer can help ensure you or your loved ones obtain the proper representation. When facing a DUI charge, our team of attorneys at May Law, LLP can help when you reach out to us today! 

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