How to choose a court reporter for a criminal case

Criminal Defense Lawyer

You may ask yourself, are all court reporters the same? Are all court reporter services the same? The answer to both questions is a firm no. In researching different service companies, it becomes evident that there are quite a few to choose from. There are a variety of methods that can be used to document the information and there are different certification opportunities that may better qualify the court reporter for your specific area of law. When it comes to criminal law, it is imperative to have the testimony and anything that occurs in the courtroom be documented accurately and with discretion. Our company has access to experienced and knowledgeable professionals with extensive experience in the courtroom.

Our court reporters are:

  1. Knowledgeable with criminal court proceedings.
  2. Professionals and show discretion despite the content of what they are recording. Not only do our court reporters show discretion in the courtroom but in the community as well. Confidentiality is something we hold in high regard and so do our court reporters.
  3. Trained and experienced. Our court reporters maintain the proper licensure and certifications that go above and beyond the federal and state requirements. We encourage our court reporters to keep up with current trends in court reporting methods and the field of criminal law.
  4. Educated in legal terminology- specifically related to criminal court cases. We hold our court reporters to a high standard of knowledge when it comes to documenting testimony and other occurrences in the courtroom.  Since it is imperative for a court reporter to work quickly, there is no time to translate or even pause to think about how to spell a word or figure out what was just said. In being knowledgeable on the content, the documentation is fast and accurate.
  5. Able to remove his or her own emotion and opinion on the subject. Criminal law is meant to keep society safe and to determine and then punish criminal behavior. Inevitably, most people have strong opinions on criminal behavior. It is important for a court reporter to document what they hear with accuracy. It would be unethical for the court reporter to show his or her own bias in the way they document the testimony and attorney presence in the courtroom. Neutrality is of utmost importance.

The area of criminal law is important to keeping society safe and harmonious. As any attorney knows, there are many aspect to building and arguing a criminal case. In the event that the court does not provide a court reporter, it behooves you to make the additional expense and hire a court reporter offers as soon as the deposition phase. In doing so, you will have access to the testimony in the future and will be able to build a case based on the details and discretions that are revealed throughout the deposition and trial phases. In addition, if there your client wishes to appeal in the future, there is no chance it will be granted without a written transcript of the trial.  

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