Preparing for a Child Support Mediation Session

Child Support Lawyer

Let’s say that you and your former partner are amicable, and can tolerate having a conversation together if it is a must. Now, you may also have had a child together and since parting ways, are working through the terms of child support payments. This can be a tricky discussion to have, but many separated couples want to avoid going to court at all costs. A great resource for separated partners who can deal with having an in-person talk, may find success through mediation sessions. 

In preparation for your negotiation, it can help to consult with an attorney for advice. Before walking into that mediation session, you will want to have ready detailed information and paperwork to support what you are looking for in the arrangement. While an attorney isn’t necessarily going to be present for the mediation, it can be useful to hire someone who has your best of interest in mind during this transition. 

Tips for Mediation 

In order to have a successful meeting, it is important that all parties understand their role. The mediator acts as an unbiased moderator, to help the former partners resolve conflicts and arrive at a middle-ground. The mediator is not a therapist, and doesn’t take sides either. The parents must focus on what is going to be in the best interest of their child, and try to keep personal feelings aside. This is often easier said than done, and an attorney can practice run-throughs with you based on how the mediation may flow. This can help you stay on track if things feel uncomfortable when finally in the presence of your former partner. Here are other tips to remember when preparing for mediation:

  • Get plenty of sleep the night before so your mind is clear and well-rested
  • Be professional in attire and how you communicate with both the mediator and your former partner
  • Be open to compromise when something is going to benefit your child
  • Bring notes regarding issues you want to discuss, so you don’t forget
  • Take with you key documents such as your long-term work schedule, child’s school schedule, and other non-negotiable obligations

How to Calculate Child Support

A child support lawyer in Rockville, MD can go over with you state laws that pertain to child support calculations, so you do not walk out of mediation session unsure if things turned out fairly enough. Many parents use parenting timeshare schedules to show what percent they spend with the child, to figure out which parent needs the most financial support. In the eyes of the court, the parent the child spends the most time with has to bear more responsibility in ensuring daily needs are met. It isn’t uncommon for the non-custodial parent to contribute the most to child support financially. However, if both parents share joint custody evenly, then the payments are likely to be closer to 50/50. 

Thanks to Daniel J. Wright for their insight into family law and preparing for child support mediation.

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