What Kind of Punishment Can I Expect for a DWI?

The punishment for a DWI depends on the circumstances of your initial traffic stop and your criminal record. Typically, a first DWI is a misdemeanor. This doesn’t mean you’re off the hook for hard time. Misdemeanors such as DWIs carry hefty fines, brief jail time, and community service. Of course, if it’s your second or third DWI, the punishment can be much more severe.

How Much Does a DWI Cost?

Much like the amount of jail time, the cost of a DWI depends on the circumstances of your arrest. If you were booked for a DWI and reckless driving, you would face much more expensive fines than just a DWI at a checkpoint. In fact, if you were booked for DWI and something like reckless driving, you’d have more than just fines to worry about.

DWIs can cost thousands of dollars, but that’s just for the fine. After you’ve been through the legal wringer, you’ll have to deal with more expensive car insurance payments for years to come, and you may even face professional challenges like the loss of a job or certifications that were keeping you in work. At the end of the day, the fine is usually just the tip of the iceberg.

A DWI can be expensive and frustrating, and if it’s your first time, you might feel completely overwhelmed. In fact, even if you’ve been through a DWI before, you might feel just as overwhelmed. After all, the punishments get more severe if you have multiple DWIs on your record.

Fortunately, DWI lawyers in Fairfax, VA from May Law, LLP are standing by to help you through your DWI battle. You have a future worth protecting, and it’s up to you and your legal team to ensure the court understands that you’re more than just another statistic.

Many people who face DWI charges try to fight the charges themselves, but it’s always better to have a lawyer on your side. Read this brief FAQ to learn more about how a DWI lawyer can help your case, and what a DWI can entail for your future.

How Can a DWI Attorney Help Me?

As mentioned before, it’s possible to try to fight your DWI all by yourself – but it probably won’t end well. You’ll need qualified legal representation to take over and help your case, and this means an experienced DWI lawyer.

DWI lawyers will investigate your case thoroughly to ensure your initial traffic stop was legitimate, and they may also look into the police records to make sure there was no police misconduct. If there was, there’s a chance you can get your charges dropped.

A DWI lawyer will argue your case in court, and they can also take steps to get your charges reduced. They will fight on your behalf to ensure the court knows you’re more than just another DWI, and they will provide you with all the information you need to understand your case, and what challenges you may face in the future.

Get in touch with a DWI lawyer today, and see how they can help your tomorrow. 

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