What is the Right to Remain Silent?

One of the most important rights we enjoy as Americans is the right to remain silent. This right ensures that the police cannot question a person accused of a crime without an attorney present. If you have been arrested, it is vital that you exercise this right and request a Fairfax defense attorney right away. This way, you can be sure that you won’t unnecessarily incriminate yourself.

To exercise this right, all a person has to do is tell the police they want a lawyer present. At that point, all questioning must stop. Once the attorney arrives, he or she will likely immediately end all questioning. This is generally the best course of action for the suspect. At that point, listen to your lawyer and do whatever he or she says.

Some people assume that they can talk their way out of a situation. They think that asking for a lawyer will make them appear guilty. They think if they cooperate with the police, they may be let go. This never happens when you’ve been arrested. At that point, the police are actively gathering evidence against you and will do everything they can to build the strongest case possible against you. Speaking to them will only give them more to work with. Stay silent and demand a lawyer. It’s your right.

At May Law, we have helped clients throughout the Fairfax area get the justice they deserve. We will aggressively fight for your rights. For a consultation to discuss your case, contact us right away.

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