What is Collaborative Divorce?

When people imagine divorces, they often imagine contentious, stressful legal matters. They may have had friends or family involved in such a dispute and they worry that their divorce will happen the same way. There are some couples, however, who look for a less contentious way to dissolve their marriage. These people often pursue collaborative divorce in order to get a fresh start on life without all the headaches. If you and your partner are divorcing and want a more collaborative approach, contact a divorce attorney today to learn your options.

In a collaborative divorce, the two parties each retain their own lawyers. These lawyers then sign an agreement to negotiate in good faith to find a fair resolution to the divorce. This agreement also states that if the two attorneys cannot reach an agreement, they will each remove themselves from the case. This ensures that the attorneys will work together and not try drag the process out at as long as possible just to pad their billable hours.

One of the main benefits of this type of divorce is that it is significantly less contentious than a typical divorce. Because the parties are all in agreement that a fair resolution should be found, it almost always results in better compromise positions. This is good because it means far less time in court with a judge deciding on an equitable resolution for the parties. Collaborative divorce is almost always substantially cheaper than a traditional divorce.

Because the parties are working together, it also means less stress on any children involved. This is important to keep in mind – no matter how the divorce happens, the parents will need to work together to raise any children they have together. If children get stuck in the middle of a bitter custody battle or if parents are deeply hurt by a vicious divorce, they will not be able to parent effectively. By coming together to find a fair resolution for everyone, both parties typically have better outcomes.

At May Law, we have helped clients throughout the Fairfax area through a divorce. We understand how difficult this time for you and your family and we will do everything we can to see it through to a successful resolution. For a consultation to discuss your case, contact us right away.

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