Criminal Defense

If you are under investigation for a crime or have already been arrested, you may need to retain the services of a skilled criminal defense attorney at May Law, LLP to ensure your rights are protected. Our attorneys have decades of experience standing up to prosecutors and vigorously fighting for our clients.

Types of Criminal Charges

Whether you have been charged with a misdemeanor or a felony, our criminal defense attorneys understand that a criminal conviction can have a negative and lasting impact on your life, as well as the lives of your family members. A conviction can affect your ability to find employment, housing, and even obtain a secondary education. At May Law, LLP, we are well-versed in every aspect of criminal law and have expertise in defending clients against both federal and state criminal charges. Our attorneys have successfully represented thousands of clients, including cases based on the following charges:

Defending Against Criminal Charges

There are certain steps a skilled criminal defense attorney at May Law, LLP may take when representing a client who has been arrested and charged with a crime. The sooner a criminal defense attorney can begin building his or her case, the better chance the client may have to win. This is why it is so important to contact an attorney immediately after you have been arrested. 


A seasoned criminal defense attorney will examine all the evidence that the police have collected. The attorney will investigate to confirm that all evidence was legally obtained. If the evidence was improperly obtained, or if there is insufficient evidence, the attorney may be able to have the charges dismissed. Depending on the circumstances of the case against you, your attorney may be able to have your case continued without a finding, or may negotiate a plea for a lesser charge. Rest assured, however, that your criminal defense attorney from May Law, LLP is ready to take your case to trial if necessary, and aggressively defend against the charges brought against you. 


Our team of defense attorneys has faced prosecutors in all Northern Virginia jurisdictions, and throughout the Commonwealth.  The trial skills gained from our breadth of experience enables our attorneys to anticipate many of the strategies that the prosecutor may try to use against you in your case.

Three Rules to Follow During and After an Arrest

Have you heard of the Miranda Warning? It is a brief description of your rights after an arrest that the arresting officer must read to the detained. This warning expresses the rights of every arrested individual, and it is extremely important that you pay attention if you are ever arrested. Here are tips that a criminal defense attorney at May Law, LLP is likely to suggest if you find yourself being placed into handcuffs: 

Remain Silent

The first sentence of the Miranda Warning is, “You have the right to remain silent.” It is advice best taken. Anything you say after being arrested can be used during prosecution later. Therefore, every defense attorney will likely advise you to keep quiet once arrested, and even before. Aside from answering basic information, like name and address, there is no reason to explain anything else without an attorney from May Law, LLP present, regardless of how trusting the officers or detectives may seem.

Ask for an Attorney

Next, always ask for an attorney. While you may not qualify for a court-appointed attorney, you have a right to representation. If arresting officers continue to ask you questions after you are arrested, then just request a criminal defense attorney and say nothing else.

Remember to Remain Calm

Last, remember to remain calm and respectful, regardless of your feelings about the arrest. You will have your chance to state your concerns and opinions to an attorney. However, if you get confrontational during an arrest, it can further complicate your situation. It is possible that officers will charge you with resisting arrest, and if you are confrontational, the situation could get physical and risk further harm to you or others involved. When emotions are running high, people tend to act first without thinking, and being argumentative can quickly escalate to an assault charge. Therefore, be careful and remain calm. 


Remember, no one wants to hurt anyone and police may just be doing their jobs – it is best not to complicate things. Arrests can be scary, and police can be intimidating, but you need to remember that you have rights and that you have the power, just as law enforcement does, to keep the situation from escalating. Bear in mind that body-worn cameras, dash cams, and bystanders with cell phones are constantly running and may also be used against you later on – so relax… you may be on camera!


If you find yourself in a situation that leads to an arrest, stay calm, keep quiet and request a criminal defense attorney from May Law, LLP. Remember that a tense situation requires level heads to maintain composure and avoid mistakes. Therefore, it is a good idea to have a criminal defense attorney from our law firm in your contacts (703-312-0410, 24-7 call backs in emergencies), so if you find yourself in a bad situation, you always have someone to call.

Contact a Dedicated Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have been charged with drunk driving, domestic violence, drug possession, reckless driving, or any other crime, (large or small), contact the law firm of May Law, LLP today. When a bad verdict is handed down, it will be too late to say, “I should have called May Law!” Our attorneys are available to meet with you virtually or in-person to discuss the details of your case and explain what your defense options may be. Contact a professional criminal defense attorney at (703) 312-0410, or if you prefer, you can fill out the contact form found on our May Law, LLP law firm website.

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